Friday, 1 November 2013

Do the right thing

This is the oldest and best known message I will be offering. They had a programme about it on the radio last week demonstrating exactly the same thing, where a child dived to get a penalty at school, using the excuse 'you have to do it', and was told by his great grandpa about Corinthians, who never cheated and won more games than anyone else. If the opponents lost a player they took one off, and never took penalties but gave them the ball back, and were the most successful team of their time. That is one example that represents them all, everything that is done in life is never made better by cheating.

If one person takes drugs it gives them an unfair advantage, if more do they become equal. Besides the pointless act, it always adds a blot on the character you at least will always know even if a psychopath. When you decide to stop you wipe it out. People in business can either see the customers as the enemy or the people they need to look after to exist. They always do better as they give the best service and best quality and as a result attract people and a good name with it. Quite simply there is no excuse to cheat and use slick moves to get where you want, the Ken Livingstone approach, when running a city or a country you are working for them, and do not have the right to promise anything to be elected knowing full well they intend to do the opposite, and using the excuse people don't know what's right for them so you have to do it whatever they want, simply means you don't even believe in a democracy but want to take over by force and rule by your superior level of knowledge and power, like Stalin. So if your politicians, like Julia Gillard and Barack Obama tell you one thing, do everything but swear on the bible they won't bring in a carbon tax, or extend the congestion charge zone, or anything else they clearly knew they didn't plan to carry out, they are demonstrating they do not believe the majority of voters, ie the people (customers) who got them into their position, are really qualified to do so, and as a result are acting and think exactly the same way as Stalin.

And again, whatever job or competition you are in, if you can't win as you are you don't deserve to. Full stop.

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