Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Why am I here? To explain how modern politics is cheating us and imposing unjustified restrictions on us, and by simply having it both pointed out and presented in a way it can be shown to be unjustified then one by one more people will realise it and with enough aware, then collectively rebel against it and turn public opinion against such oppressive and insidious rules.

As I was coming home just now they said Birmingham University had banned Mexican costumes as they were stereotypes and racist. Firstly there is no such thing as a Mexican race, and secondly what exactly has allowed them to extend their totally valid care over racism to something with no malicious intent and based on reality, otherwise it wouldn't actually be a stereotype? Think about it, if someone says you have a big nose and you don't, then how can it be an insult, and if someone says you have brown hair and blue eyes all they are doing is describing you accurately. If they point out most people in your family have the same features all they are doing is recognising within that group there are some common characteristics.

Only a fool or a child believe a stereotype of any sort represents exactly how every single member of that group is. If the liberal left genuinely have such a low opinion of everyone except themselves (oh, they do), it is they who have the problem and need enforced education not everyone else. Extending a genuine remedy, ie one against genuine racism, to a false one only designed to restrict people's freedom of expression, they have crossed the line of utility into totalitarianism. It is like correcting a problem and instead of going on to deal with a new one if and when it arises, keep on trying to extend and tinker with the solved problem until you start ruining whatever you've created, pretty much like completing a portrait and then instead of putting it up on display keep on and draw a beard and moustache on it, or worse still a cock and balls. Bottom line, when there is a problem which needs solving or correcting, much like the previous entry on feminism, once it's got everyone equal or protected, you must stop. Going further either gives the original victims an unfair advantage just like their earlier oppressors, or brings in harmless acts as banned as well as harmful. I suspect most people who work to stop any such activities are far more interested in the power and sense of achievement it gives them than any actual results. And especially when hardly any of them are either Mexican, disabled, Muslim or any other allegedly oppressed members of society, talking on behalf of others, otherwise called patronising, when they have not asked or wish to be represented at all, which is one of the worst examples (when it becomes taken seriously, which nowadays it always does) of a total and unjustified abuse of power.

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