Friday, 22 November 2013

Tony Blair's legacy 1

What if you decided, in a position able to do so, it was very unfair only highly intelligent people had high IQ scores, so as a political policy wanted to make sure 50% (instead of 2%) of people could get into Mensa.

Fucking idiotic isn't it.

So Tony Blair, as prime minister, (for reasons closer to reducing unemployment) decided to raise the number of graduates from 5% (ie those capable of it, it was free so anyone was eligible to get one) to 50%. As I know or know of at least four professors or senior lecturers I can confirm it had to be done by dropping the standards, and was enforced by taking money away from universities where anyone failed. Then to finish the job he charged for these new degrees as obviously the country could basically manage to pay for the 5% to get degrees, because it always has, but not many more.

Besides insulting everyone like me who got a degree because I worked for it, it simply now means employers, like in America, have to find other ways to select candidates as as well as the degrees all the A levels and GCSEs were dropped in standard to get people into university, again a proven fact as presentation criteria were dropped and the same rules about guaranteed passes were given to the exam markers. So by devaluing the degrees, like the currency, all it did was produce inflation without any more actual value. We have a generation of false graduates, the best sticking to the subjects you can't fudge, but not including science as one professor who has to quite happily overlook wrong answers is an engineer. Imagine that. Engineers who can't add up.

This is my real point. Many degrees form part of a professional course- science, engineering, law etc. It is one thing employing a false English or History graduate in the civil service or Waterstone's bookshop, where they can learn on the job and survive on their merits, but allowing a false graduate into a profession where they are advising people on financial, medical and technical matters is totally dangerous. Imagine the engineers from the college I describe (one of the best in the world), the ten percent or so who would have been kicked out in the past, who they have been encouraged (bribed) to keep on, and they get a job designing bridges or bus shelters (the sort of thing they do), and only got their degree as their mechanics failures were overlooked? The potential is obvious to all.

Thanks Tony Blair, another thing you have done to destroy people's lives.

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