Monday, 11 November 2013

It's magic- or is it?

When I was about 20 they had a magician on the radio. He asked the listeners to pick some random numbers, add them, divide them etc, and surprise surprise he got the right final answer. I did a standard lateral thinking move and worked the sums back from the answer and found it got the same result whichever numbers you put in and rang up to tell them. Did I get bollocked! You must be a magician, you can't tell people how these things are done, you're trying to sabotage me! etc. At no time did anyone simply think I'd seen through his crappy little trick and it wasn't good enough for purpose as it was so easy to figure out?

Since I started this site I've been accused with blurring my opinion with facts. The way it is supposed to work is much like the magic trick. The government and authorities make up ways to get people to accept being treated like sex slaves and donors to their causes and I see through them. How I do is simply by using formulas which have been discovered one way or another over the years until the entire picture was seen, everything fits together as a whole system and the closest comparison is government by mafia.

Once your view of all those asking for your money and to give up your rights for a greater cause (their own wealth and related power and benefits) it starts to make perfect sense, as that is exactly what they are doing. If they do something that helps you it's either because it helps them directly, or like the devil in the bible can't hide open lies so has to hide the poop in a real sandwich and put enough salt and pepper on so you can't be sure it's in there. What I do is to open it up with my probes and take away all the bread and other things they've piled high on top to see the garbage hiding inside. When I tell people they either worked it out themselves, or try and kill me. There is rarely any in between. The very fact millions of people can work all these things out as well affirms their veracity, but as hundreds of millions believe we are far right extremists and hate the poor and working class etc, let alone god forbid the very planet itself, we are at information war with them, while not trying to destroy the enemy itself but their sheer blanket ignorance.

I don't say this as an insult, but as a description. Did I always know about all this? Of course not. It's taken me 53 years on this planet to learn all I have and once I trusted the elders and betters as well, till I spotted a couple of things they'd done which cheated me, and found more, more and even more till I found the entire thing was rotten from the inside.

Going back to the magic, unlike magicians some of these deceivers come straight out and admit what they're doing (see my fraud blog for pages of examples), yet people ignore it. Jimmy Savile was clever enough to die before anyone found enough evidence to assume (as it can only be an assumption post-mortem) he was guilty. These a-holes can even publish their dross in full and still be totally ignored. Much of my material here is either numerical or directly quoted and all I need to do is share it, there is nothing required to even work out. And where there is, little is very complicated, and can all be checked and verified otherwise I wouldn't add it here. My training is in law, and the most important part is never to present your evidence until it's been thoroughly prepared and verified. And as far as I'm concerned nearly everything here can be used to work the same things out yourself, rather than be opinion, but don't take my word for it, I am pointing people in a direction and if you think it's just my opinion then show me and prove me wrong, there's always a comment box.

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