Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Equal opportunities

These two words together have a very clear and fixed meaning which ought to be very difficult to misinterpret or misrepresent. It means whoever you are you are treated the same, no favour should be offered to one side or the other and not to discriminate against any group of any type.

The results in Britain have been a series of laws designed to stop discrimination against other races, the disabled, and women, although so far there is none against older people in work or anything effective against paying women less for doing the same jobs. But that principle has been enshrined in various laws and taught by councils and expected by employers. But returning to our old friend Karl Marx, the dialectical materialism principle does usually take over. One strong group wants more, or those being returned their rights want even more, as that is human nature. So in the 70s the union rights trumped employer's so much most of the British manufacturing collapsed as they were on strike as much as working and produced a little for more and more money. So the businesses went under or relocated abroad without such pro-worker laws. Then the balance was changed by Margaret Thatcher but the damage had already been done and the businesses had moved elsewhere.

Once any group become more powerful than they were they get taken over by extreme wings of pressure and lobby groups, whether feminism, black and religious rights groups, basically anyone who had already been remedied by new law but were on a roll and wanted more, eventually so much so they then crossed the line of equality to being favoured, firstly in their wishes and then when applied in new laws.

We are currently back in the realms of discriminatory laws as a result. Equal opportunities means everyone should have the same chances to excel in their abilities regardless of means or physical issues, and be treated the same when they have gained those skills in applying for work and being promoted. So when black people and women had trouble being employed for jobs they were equally capable of doing, or in the case of black people renting accommodation, the law was made and anyone now trying to do so will be prosecuted. Fairness is partly a mathematical formula, everyone being given equal chances means a reversion to zero, where favour or disadvantage is not applied to anyone. Human nature however contains the inner child, the 'me first', so no one is content to accept their own raising to the level when they can cheat and get even more (see the entry on cheating). Currently the state of the law is swinging back to discrimination in many areas worldwide. The EU are now making a law forcing a certain percentage of women on company boards, whether or not sufficiently qualified women exist or apply, and many countries operate positive discrimination for racial minorities, including attempts in the British police, who want them to represent the society's mix. Social engineering simply takes over the manipulation of society for ideological means regardless of fairness and equality. Labour's all women list for politicians is an even more extreme example which pretty much reverses the principle, and whatever excuses they offer they are excluding 50% of applicants on their sex, who are not even a minority. Unfortunately choosing where it is valid or not to apply freedom of speech and opinion are followed by who they want to be more equal on the side of the liberal left.

EU and British law have also included criminals in the general view of human and equal rights even though once they break the law they have left society and disregarded the rights of their victims and the laws of the land. It is illegal to attack a criminal stealing from you or your house under enough judicial decisions, despite the law saying you can apply reasonable force recent decisions have all but made any force impossible to apply. Worse still EU legislation has outlawed sending back foreign criminals, including the majority who are illegal immigrants, as long as they can show their life abroad would be worse than where they are living, which it nearly always is. They have entered a country illegally, abused their hospitality and been granted an amnesty to remain in a country they both should never have been in in the first place, and in most cases only went to commit the crimes they are now convicted of, but once released from prison it is almost impossible now to deport them, so given such encouragement what would you expect them to do?

Equal opportunities work both and every way. Once you have the playing field levelled it is flat, and no attempts to tilt it further in anyone's favour is fair or equal to anyone.

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