Monday, 18 November 2013

How to run a protection racket

There are some very old and simple con tricks employed by some for their entire careers. One is the old fashioned protection racket, made famous by the Mafia, and based on the insurance company principle if you pay them nothing will happen to you, your business and your family. Amazingly years after paying a rising 'premium' your business really hadn't burnt down, but was it because you paid them or it wouldn't have anyway? Or if the kid asks you for a tenner to look after your parked car.

Of course in these cases the insurers are the ones who would actually inflict the damage if you DIDN'T pay, but what if a smarter crook could persuade people if you paid enough your house wouldn't burn down, because statistically they knew far better than you only one house in many thousands ever burns down, so used every trick in the book to convince people the risk was far worse, like the security salesmen do to old people on Watchdog. Fear trumps brains and create enough fear and most people's brains drop right out of their bottoms.

Pay us more and more and we will stop the temperature rising by 2C when you're 140 years old. What was that again? You want me to give you more and more money every year so after I've died the temperature won't be much higher than it is now?

You decide.

CLUE~ How could you tell should you manage to live till 2100 whether it was your money that stopped the temperature from rising or it wasn't going to anyway and they knew that already. Hear d of a two headed coin? They've just spun one. They can't ever lose with a formula loaded like that, and most of the world have fallen for it.

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