Monday, 11 November 2013

Just the facts

As an exercise I will now go through the entries here so far and try to sieve out the facts so people can judge for themselves:

More people lose through low interest rates- fact.

People whose houses become worth more pay even more when they move- fact

Britain loses from EU membership. The annual fee is known, and we are officially a net contributor. If the CBI or anyone else says we're better off in it let them prove it, as the tariffs we save are negligible, and lost on tariffs paid outside the EU. These figures are not as easily found but the tariff rates at least can be, as well as our normal trade deficit with the EU, meaning we buy more from then than they do from us.

Racism: Playing the Obama race card ignores the black Republican politicians no one appears to have a problem with. And drivers who get stopped for being black despite the fact it was dark and they couldn't be seen in the car. Don't blame someone's race unless you're absolutely certain, as there's normally a far better reason and almost impossible to prove it.

Renewables: Wind turbines produce randomly but cost constantly (backup power, brakes, motors, heaters etc). The can never and have never produced any valuable energy as more than a byproduct of their existence, while much they do produce can't be used as it isn't needed at the time so wasted. Biofuel clears land of other crops and rain forests and much of what is used is corn which reduces the food available and raises prices. Wood chips cost far more than coal and produce far less power, and require vast numbers of trees to be cut down and cannot grow fast enough to be replaced after a certain point. Solar panels work when least needed and not when most needed, and the little power they can store is ony enough for a short time overnight and little or no more. All this can be verified.

Electric cars use the same power source for propulsion and power, meaning you can't judge how far you can go if the lights, heater and wipers are on. And it is guaranteed you can't get the fuel to the car when it eventually does go flat on the road, and even if you can make it to a charger what do you do for the many hours while you are waiting? Take a bus where you were going and another back the next morning?

Don't pay more for a solution than the benefit you get. If you are told the planet is warming up, and if under various conditions, it may be so warm the climate is worse overall than it is now but not for a hundred years or so, so you must turn down your heating, pay more for energy, restrict travel etc, despite no physical chance of even knowing the result, or any indication the temperature is rising more than half they claim is enough to cause a problem, why make people suffer in these ways? If it then removes huge amounts of money from the poor to go to climate research, renewable subsidies (see above) and carbon trading (see earlier references to Enron), just do the sums. Can all this current suffering really be worse what is technically an unprovable attempt to control the climate, which we know from history is not disastrous when warmer anyway? These are the knowns, yet it ploughs ahead regardlessly. Because no one questions them.

A confession is always valid, especially when by many: If someone who is employed to create new taxes for the benefit of the planet, and then says they can't repeal them as they need the money (ie Boris Johnson, London's mayor, on removing the congestion charge, created to break even and not make money), or one of the UN's economic directors admits openly climate taxes are to redistribute wealth to the third world, they are being honest. As we are so used to them pretending the money and restrictions they impose are in good causes, or we would never have accepted them, the incredibly rare times they come straight out and admit it it's like seeing a ufo, people blink and think they must have imagined it.

All Ponzi and pyramid schemes pass the same money from the bottom of the pile to the top, and eventually the people at the bottom will run out and lose all their stake, and the top of a pyramid is always smaller than the body, so only those at the top can ever win. This is carbon trading and renewable subsidies as one does produce absolutely nothing (as a pure Ponzi scheme), while the other has an ostensible product to give the impression of a genuine business.

My point about the Eurozone recession and debt was a question. Could Greece, Portugal, Cyprus, France, Italy and Ireland have ever been worse off outside the Eurozone or EU altogether than the years to decades of recession they are now guaranteed as their debts are so high from borrowing money they could never afford otherwise?

Anyone who uses negative political assertions in climate discussions has lost instantly, on both sides. Either the planet is warming dangerously or not. It's not anything to do with left or right wing any more than preferring cherry or apple pie.

Even Green activists have to travel, as do ambulances and other emergency vehicles. By making it incredibly expensive and inconvenient to do so, to save the planet, their journeys are screwed up just the same as everyone else's. Do they really want to hardly ever go anywhere beyond where the local buses go, or take their children to grandparents as they have to pay extra to drive there? Those mercury bulbs take three minutes to warm up for them as well, and the mercury is just as hard to get rid of whether or not the law made us all use them. Their grandparents may be poor and on pensions, and their energy prices go up as much as those of the rich carbon emitters, and pay far more of their total capital on energy than the rich they appear to believe are responsible for our problems. If Benjamin Franklin said those who trade freedom for security did not deserve either, I see little today to change that view.

Mass uncontrolled immigration does not mean new water and sewage supplies can be built, teachers, doctors and nurses trained and hospitals added to accommodate them. These take many years even for a relatively static population, and when you simply don't know how many people are coming as there are open borders it is permanently impossible to provide the services adequately, even when they decide en masse to go somewhere else and local businesses had grown (like the hundreds of Polish shops) to supply them. No countries ever had open door policies until around the 90s as it was assumed to be totally unmanageable. Britain has proved this yet continues to accuse anyone (including ethnic minorities who lived here already) of questioning this racist.

If a politician says something and then does the opposite, or can be proved wrong, they lied. Lying is not illegal unless a loss of property or reputation is caused, and it seems if you're a politician then collecting money under false pretences falls outside the Theft Act, but can be shown to do it anyway. Once you have seen one lie a couple of times how can you trust them on anything else? If you lied at work even once and were caught, how would you expect to be treated? Yet when they lie at work and collect billions in taxes as a result, or restrict our lives for no known reason, they get reelected more often than not.
If your partner had an affair and you caught them, and then they did it again, would you ever trust them again? If not then why do you do it with politicians who do the exact same thing?

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