Friday, 15 November 2013

Summary in quotes

It's been a couple of weeks and 37 entries, here are some quotes to repeat whenever appropriate and reprogram the minds of the listeners until they start to take the concepts on board. It is a slow and gradual process. People hardly ever give up their beliefs suddenly whatever the evidence, but you need to repeat over and over again what I hope to have demonstrated to be objective facts as far as possible until they simply sink in, not because we are doing the same dirty trick that made them think those things in the first place, but actually undoing all the programming they've picked up over their lives.

Only governments and investment banks gain from low interest rates.

Unless you own more than one house you will nearly always lose when prices go up....

Manipulating the economy to cause inflation is a crime against humanity.

If a ruler admits they are lying then the material related to it must be lies as well. Just because the quotes were not reported doesn't make them go away.

How could the indebted countries in the Eurozone be worse off outside it?

There is no political element in the climate.

If someone wants to restrict or ban cars and travel ask them how they'd manage.

How do you supply hundreds of thousands of new immigrants a year with schools, hospitals and medical services overnight?

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