Saturday, 2 November 2013


There is one thing white liberals and blacks constantly overlook when looking for racism or playing the race card (I see a few examples in the news of that every week) is it's not exclusive to white people. Because there are large racial communities throughout the west, whether from slavery, immigration or refugees, that is the case, so they feel excluded and are further stirred up by white liberals whose only regular contact with black people is usually the cleaning lady or bus driver, who do their best to label all whites who do not give other races not just equal rights but nowadays preferential treatment through constant attempts for quotas, racists.

Whether or not many or any are racist, they have not looked at the wide concept. Since the end of the colonies there simply aren't enough white people in non-white countries to become fully aware of the universality of what may or may not be genuine racism, but it's the same whoever applies it to anyone different from themselves. Idi Amin had no qualms kicking every single Indian out of Uganda in the 70s, while Robert Mugabe, one of the few leaders of a black country with a substantial number of white people, is taking their land on the basis it never belonged to them in the first place. The fact much of the farmland was created by them when they arrived from scrubland has been overlooked, but he wants and gets his pound of flesh.

But don't stop at races. In the countries where there are very few other races they simply divide among religious, tribal or caste lines, as they always have. It is the same even between black or Indian people of different shades, in India and Jamaica the darker people are treated as inferior in many areas, and some ruin themselves by trying to bleach their skin. Basically however you cut the cards people stick to their own, and do their best not to mix or even trust in many cases the others. Of course people can try and fix it, how they will and whether it's worth the effort is up to them, but they may probably be trying to change human nature itself, which means they may win small local victories but whatever they do will wear off soon after they are gone and no longer policing it.

If you go somewhere like Bangladesh, or the British Bangladeshi community, they advertise for partners for their children who must come from one specific region. That is not going to change if a boatload of British or Nigerian people form a colony there and try and mix with the locals, let alone try and marry any of their daughters. Some would be lucky to escape with their lives, plus in the worst cases the lives of the daughters for daring to do so. Compared to the pathetic claims of racism we here every day here in the west these are the real thing, yet I haven't yet seen a release from Haringey or Redbridge council condemning the lack of white partners of Asian people. But if they ever got wind of a white person condemning their child for having an Asian partner it would be all over the front pages. Even if they lived in Bangladesh. That is double standards and hypocrisy, and when playing the partner to the race card, the slave card, which does not really apply beyond the Africans, they also overlook many who sold the Africans to America were black or Asian themselves. Slaves were not created by the Americans but simply extended what was already happening in their own countries, where there were at the time no other races, so were enslaved by their own people.

But that is a tangent to illustrate the lack of awareness in basing a defence of any race from an imaginary enemy, and overlooking some of the real enemy in doing so. But it is a wider part of the entire blindness of the left to the fact wherever you go in the world races stick together, where there are no other races they divide in tribal and religious ways, and any other they possibly can. They also scapegoat the others for any droughts, wars or any other problems, just like Hitler did, with identical consequences in many cases with the genocide of Kurds, Armenians, Rwandans and Congolese. These weren't all carried out by white people, and in the case of Uganda the expulsions were by a black country who didn't want the economic activity dominated by a foreign group.

By all means try and stop it if you want to, but don't try and claim it's always whites against everyone else. In London alone the Indians and Chinese would rarely want their children to take home a black person, and there is no shortage of black people who have been here for decades agreeing with the white people there are too many immigrants. If you must call racism wherever you think you see it, do it equally or not at all.

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