Saturday, 9 November 2013

Ignore the warnings

How many times do you hear in the news things like 'We should never leave the EU, it will be a disaster' (latest by the CBI), and the worldwide panic when the Federal Reserve even hinted they may reduce quantitative easing (they didn't). There is a very good reason for this and all others like it, the people who benefit from such policies are terrified they'll lose their easy ride, and given their position where able to influence and harangue the media, use their PR weight to invent any old alarmist junk as if they even have a clue exactly what would happen if any of these policies or changes were to go ahead, besides their bottom line reducing.

These are purely the attempts of vested interests doing everything they can to get public opinion on their side, while in fact these policies only help the elite at our expense. I have already explained quantitative easing and various other details of how popular economic views are backwards in relation to reality, and whenever there's the slightest chance one of their sacred cows, those which directly put a needle in our vein and drain the wealth as blood to their accounts having done absolutely no added work for it, they are trying to fool you. Don't let it happen.

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