Friday, 1 November 2013

Getting your priorities right

On a tangent from costs and benefits, I called the radio yesterday and spoke to two politicians and a newsreader on green taxes added to energy bills. While the newsreader, the one who exposed the BBC bias over climate, totally agreed with me it hit the poor the most and is far too high a cost for any future aims, while one of the politicians said reducing CO2 was the major issue above all others, implying it didn't matter how many people died as long as they kept the temperature rise below 2C. Well that's told us.

However, the RSPB, those designed to save the birds, firstly admitted they make up fake climate studies (as do most similar charities) on Radio 4 in order to get funding, have now shifted their priorities as well, saying they are fully aware how many birds are killed by wind turbines but it's a small price to pay for helping to save the planet.

No, you really could never make it up.

Be aware of it, and stop it happening.

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