Sunday, 3 November 2013

If it looks like a duck...

I am truly devastated by the lack of intelligence of far more people than I realised. The constant bleating anti global warming material is backed by big oil simply needs them to check how much is spent on climate PR from governments, which is billions (not on measures or research, which is even more) but what they coyly call 'communication'. None of these figures are either secret or hidden, so just by saying the endless funds of oil companies mean they can fight the nasty deniers, despite governments having actual endless funds compared to companies with fixed budgets. But besides the fact very few oil companies exist who are not energy companies, who profit from renewable subsidies, free carbon credits and fossil fuel restrictions which raise the price of their physical product, the figures clearly show they tend to add to the pool of the official line for those exact reasons, and the few other resource companies, mainly geological and related products such as metals and chemicals, who do fund skeptical research do so partly because it raises their costs hugely through having to buy the carbon permits and limit a lot of their factory production if the government makes it illegal as using too much fossil fuel. But add the total together and the sums provided we know on both sides are almost impossible to compare as the amount against global warming can barely be seen in comparison.

Further from my confessions, a third type is the open lie, where the exact figures are already known but someone, in this case the official most powerful person in the world, Barack Obama, has provided an example I would put at a level of the elite, Ken Livingstone standard, where he gave a speech this year listing all the consequences of global warming such as increasing droughts, floods, hurricanes, tornadoes and constipation (sorry, I made the last one up, like Prince Charles just made up blaming the Syrian civil war on a seven year drought caused by global warming, except these are endemic to the area since the climate begun) despite every single claim was wrong and verifiable in moments by anyone with a search engine.

Therefore Obama, were he an unknown quantity before, has now branded himself, for life, as a liar. He has taken his officially limited (by the constitution) power and driven a coach and horses through it, following Margaret Mead and Stephen Schneider's instructions, and lying to get what he wants, in this case an executive order to bring in carbon taxes congress would never pass themselves.

So, if it looks like something is utter rubbish it probably is. Carbon taxes have been around over 20 years and increasing by the year, while the CO2 they are claimed to reduce has not reduced one part per million. If you are driving by trying to press the clutch instead of the accelerator, do you keep pressing it harder or do something else? In a study they found rats (and presumably people) trained to press a lever for food carried on even more when they stopped providing it, rather than giving up.

Do you want to be run by rats or human beings?

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