Sunday, 24 November 2013

Setting precedents. If it's happened before it's possible.

After the war and the liberation of the concentration camps it became known eventually Churchill and many other leaders were well aware of their existence, but had they done anything about it believed they may have allowed Hitler to know they'd intercepted their intelligence and hurt the war effort. Forget the millions of innocent people they could have saved, they believed overall victory, keeping their countries free from invasion, was far more important than any deaths in the short term. This was a passive acceptance of genocide, a collusion at the highest levels, allowed 'because it prevented something even worse'.

Before the war ended the German people unanimously elected the National Socialist Party, whose major policy was to rid Germany of the alleged cause of its hyperinflation and huge economic problems, the Jews and undesirables. The great majority of voters, the consensus, was the Jews were so dangerous to the national economy, and not part of the master race, they could never succeed as long as they were in the country. Up till there nothing was new, the Jews and others have been expelled from other countries from the beginning of the bible, but unlike the previous examples the Nazis didn't even consider simply kicking them out, as the English and Spanish had done, but wanted to wipe them out altogether, as they weren't just bad for Germany, but the world itself.

The governments knew, the German people believed it and chose for it to be carried out, and many millions of people are now gone as a result.

This set a new precedent, in that it can be possible to convince an entire nation to not just remove any unwelcome race, but eliminate them entirely. And then once the governments discovered this was happening, nothing was ever done before the war ended as it was not seen as important. The people who collude with your enemy are surely also your enemy, and proved secondly it is capable to happen. The last war is not unique, just extreme, and since then tribes and Christians have been slaughtered in Africa, nothing was done to stop it by our governments, while in Iraq it was only after Saddam Hussein killed the Kurds in his own country in very similar ways as Hitler using poison gas, they finally invaded when the damage had already been done, for reasons we still don't know.

So we now know:

a) The people of a 'civilised' modern country can be convinced to wipe out any group the government want rid of.

b) Your own government is capable of allowing them to do it.

Besides proving the government are not your friends, and people can be convinced of anything by them as they know how to do it, it proved something far worse which is happening right now, it can happen again.

Having quoted the original founders of the Green movement from the 70s onwards who believed man was a cancer on the planet, many such as the late Stephen Schneider and David Suzuki then reached positions of power within the UN and its agencies, as well as the Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome and all the other Rockefeller related cabals, giving them the power to carry out these policies. Taking direct confessions quoted previously, 'The threat of global warming will be the motivation for the new world order', repeated in many variations leaving absolutely no doubt this was their plan, and as demonstrated above, is quite possible to repeat, this time not just the Jews and undesirables, but the 'Useless eaters', as they call us, getting in the way of their enjoyment of the planet. And what do you do to fix the problem? An 80% reduction in population. Not enough Jews then, sorry, unlike the last time they mean you as well.

Do you want them to continue? If you are reading this, probably not, as I tend to preach only to the converted who read my material. But we have a world consensus, not necessarily among the scientists or the governments, not in private anyway, as they have the genuine figures about the climate, but the voters themselves who vote for climate measures which, like the concetration camps, kill people today to save people tomorrow. Yes, it happened before, don't let it happen again now you know it is.

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