Monday, 18 November 2013

Fraud, proven it goes straight to the top

How dirty does it get?

It took around 13 and 23 years to expose the Libor rigging and the Hillsborough evidence tampering, which in itself was no surprise beyond the fact both were exposed. But the big and most major surprise of all was both were given total criminal immunity. Firstly that is not legal (you cannot make exceptions to the Theft Act, perverting the course of justice, breach of trust (assuming that is even a crime), and any other of the proven acts of both the bankers and the top police who ordered the tampering.

But both were removed from the criminal system entirely. Besides being a feature of a banana republic (this does not mean we were not, as we now qualify by action) it actually means had there been a criminal trial, which is standard in all similar situations, evidence would have been directed to the top, as Libor was impossible without both approval and alleged orders from as high as you can get, while in Hillsborough the top police did order the mass doctoring of evidence and were given blanket immunity by the government. That's not a very good example to set the people of where their loyalties lie either.

After seeing governments worldwide shtup 70% of their population with low interest rates, we can now see how they protect their own against our interests after they have been proved to have committed serious crimes.


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