Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The final solution

Hitler planned to wipe out the Jews and other undesirables, and successfully managed many millions over around a five year period, and the rest of the world claimed not to even realise it was happening at the time. We know this, I lost around 3/4 of my family as did most other Jews in Europe. Then we hear Churchill did know but decided not to act as it would give away he knew more than he did about their operations and would have caused a strategic disadvantage. This only came out recently after the secrets became released, and shows not only can it happen here, now and in a democratic country, when others did find out they allowed it to happen. Is it an exception (albeit a massive example) or a precedent?

In 1994 the Hutus slaughtered 800,000 Tutsis and moderate Hutus in Rwanda, the west knew and stood back and left them to it. The Turks murdered well over a million Armenians and related Christians around 1919 and the country still claim it didn't happen. Saddam Hussein killed many thousands of native Kurds in his own country using chemical weapons, we did something but many years after he'd already done it. Nowadays, unlike during the last two wars, we have worldwide communication in seconds and spy satellites which are almost impossible to hide from. Such early 20th century excuses simply do not wash. If it happens now anywhere in the world no country can claim ignorance or pretend they're not doing it as perpetrators.

So bear in mind it is always possible, therefore who is immune? Your country? My country? Any country?

What if the UN itself decided to do the same thing, but unlike the mass slaughters of the 20th century and before, would need to do it slowly and quietly in many different ways so people simply couldn't be sure it was happening? Managed depopulation This is not a rogue site but represents both quotes, plans and subsequent observations around the world. Agenda 21 talks in code but applying its codes in reality tends to have results of raising commodity prices, reducing available food stock and diverting resources for disease eradication and providing water to the false cause of 'global warming'. By omission alone the money they have already caused the world's governments to spend on climate research, renewable energy and other projects could have provided clean water and sewage for most of Africa. Now it can't. There is more than one way to skin a cat but if like Churchill we all turn a blind eye then eventually it won't be the Africans starving as their crops have been seized to grow biofuel, but your elderly relatives dying of hypothermia as their energy bills have doubled while their pension has not risen at all. In the EU they are guaranteed to rise every year indefinitely to stop people using so much energy. As we all need to exist at an optimum temperature and eat a minimum number of calories or we become ill, by raising the bills many times faster than income rises (if it even does) the result is guaranteed. It's slow, indirect and almost impossible to prove. You could describe it as the perfect mass murder.

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