Monday, 4 November 2013

Hypocrisy- would they want it for themselves?

Borrowed over from my other blog, all my life I have argued with those who believe in the big state and collective control, that what they want to take from me they would also take from themselves.

Let's begin with the latest example, Russell Brand. He wanted large scale wealth removal, despite if his policy became law he'd probably have very little left of his personal multi million fortune. He represents the general attitude of the far left, take things away from people- money, property, rights, freedom of speech, until it applies to them. Here is a basic list of all the things I've heard over the years, some of which are now partly at least law.

Banning cars
Making driving restrictions so severe it makes people want to give up their cars
Stopping personal wealth and inheritance
Removing personal property
Banning fossil fuel
Restricting free speech to include causing offence, banning specific words and anything else the government do not want you to say, despite only inciting a crime and lying do any actual harm.
Forced diversity and multiculturalism
Rights for criminals

Like the politicians who allow criminal practices by railway companies, who for example can charge less to travel further or make people go beyond their stop and return as they won't stop the train there, when they have to use it they suddenly wake up. Make no mistake, all the green activists have some family (although I'd say as they were all bastards it may be in doubt...), and most will have at least one on a pension and quite probably very little personal income beyond it. There is no immunity from hypothermia, in fact unlike heat every person is equally susceptible to it, unlike the old and sick from heat. They neither understand or care that by forcing up energy costs the poor pay the most from their total, and will run out sooner than everyone else. The left only exist to protect the poor who cannot look after themselves against the owners of the means of production and the bourgoisie, so why use global warming to deliberately wreck and possibly end the lives of the poor due to the only policy we have, raising energy prices? (yes, they go to renewables, but until they run a hospital on wind and solar you can discount that ruse).

The anti car brigade is one of particular danger to society. Most of course don't own cars, either as they cannot afford them or drive at all. So of course they will not be affected. And the others who do own a car would be just as put out as everyone who did want to use them as many have in Paris already, the first of many EU countries planning to gradually ban cars in cities, by limiting the age of cars there first, and vans in London. Like the congestion charge all it does is hurt people, one friend had to give up caravanning as their motor home was banned and they couldn't afford to change it so had to sell it, no doubt at a loss as the new owners won't be able to drive anywhere near London.

And wait till a Haringey leftie gets burgled, in their children's bedrooms at night while they are asleep in them, find themselves faced with a group of youths, possibly with weapons, and then complain next time someone is caught trying to stop a burglar when caught in their home.

The bottom line is be careful what you want to stop other people doing, as if you succeed, you will not be able to do it either.

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