Saturday, 23 November 2013

Joining the protection racket

So, the third world countries want compensation from the west for damage caused to them by the climate? Well what do you expect? They are only doing exactly what the west are doing to its own citizens for exactly the same reason, and the thing they both have in common is it is physically impossible to prove any cause and effect relationship, but once the idea and consequences are thought up the results are inevitable.

How long do the innocent citizens of the entire world want to be ruled by fear of a distant future outside their lifetimes and give, give, give while businesses and governments are happy to take, take, take, and the left out third world who are actually burning the fossil fuel as unlike the west they can't afford the crap we have used to pretend to replace it and manufacture the goods the west needs as a result.

Think long and hard, the temperature hasn't gone up very much, while CO2 has. We don't really know why, and even the experts only say man creates about 3% of the total. The rest is natural so will continue whatever we do or don't do and always will. And as long as this illusion is maintained every single authority will use it to milk as much potential money and power from it as long as people accept its reality.

How can you prove anything beyond a major rise in temperature over 2C and consequent rise in sea level? Neither of which exist in my reality or yours, or any other. The temperature has risen 0.7C in 150 years and the sea level is rising around 7 inches a century, which we didn't notice in the last one and can't ever notice as it's not noticeable. And without a rise in temperature well over 2C it can't rise so it will be. Ever.

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