Thursday, 31 October 2013

True democracy

How long did it take in Britain at least for people to accept a system where politicians were voted in every what will now be every five years, meaning technically if they introduce any policy most people considered against the interests of the country

 there was absolutely nothing they could do about it?

Think about it, what official channels exist, most of all in a country with no constitution shackling government excesses, to do a single thing besides civil disobedience to stop any old junk becoming law till at least the next election, that is, if all three parties don't all agree with it as well?

The answer unfortunately is nothing at all. The French burn sheep, the Italians have a system where they can call an election every week and get the same people back every time, and the Cypriots have just handed Angela Merkel their balls on a plate and asked if she wants one of their children with it. Their systems vary fairly little from ours in that respect, although as I just pointed out for other reasons when they did get the chance (and they have PR so can actually change things) they didn't want change. But in Britain if we do we can't get it. The poll tax riots simply being the exception which proves ( or 'tests' in modern English) the rule, despite being the fairest local tax we'd ever had, so as more people became worse off than better as they were no longer bailed out by the homeowners they objected seriously. But they won't do that again, so can be dismissed, and now petrol blockades have been outlawed so there's no other way of fighting that side now officially.

Having had that pointed out, the only solution is the Californian and Swiss methods of regular votes on policy. After all, we vote the buggers in to do what we want, and pay them out of our taxes, so they bloody well should do exactly what we want when we want, not promise some vague crumbs which rarely materialise and then rob us blind and clip our wings once they get in yet again.

Nothing can control these potential lunatics unless they introduce the policy voting system universally in the democratic world, as otherwise the only choice we have is who is going to shaft us painfully. Let them in for five years and then do exactly what they like? Who on earth would actually vote for that?

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