Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Science isn't politics

Despite the clear coincidences between the hard left and the policies designed to deal with global warming, the gradual destruction of industry and development in the name of restricting CO2 just happened to be the same ideas the Green Party had long before global warming and when they still expected a new ice age. So now the (coincidental?) results of believing CO2 is dangerous is indeed redistributing wealth to the third world and making businesses pay vast new amounts of tax they now have exactly what they wanted by sheer (apparent) chance.

Now whether or not these policies were wanted and global warming was the excuse they found for doing so (see my other two blogs for the full stories on that), whether CO2 is causing global warming is a scientific matter and like every single other is nothing to do with politics.

Of course as the left have adopted global warming as their means to an end means those who do not believe it can do any harm in 2100 when the UN say it may begin to tend not to be of the left, so once any debate begins it divides roughly to left and right and very quickly turns to a political argument and almost ignores anything to do with the science.

So every time you see anyone bring politics into the global warming argument remind them the two are not connected regardless of the actual policies brought in as a direct result. They are the actions man has taken independently of the science which could just as easily been the opposite had they found our emissions had been cooling, and whatever people choose to do or not as a response to the threat it does not alter the nature of the threat at all as science does what it does on its own and does not change by thinking about it.

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