Thursday, 31 October 2013

Divide and rule

One of the oldest forms of political tyranny has been to create a false division between communities- friends, family, races, religions, young and old they do it. It's a feature of the worst cults, and even some husbands and wives have forced the spouse to cut all connections with their side of the family.

If you devise a plan which automatically divides society in any required groups to either agree or disagree with your plan and rip each other to pieces, sometimes literally if you look to the Middle East, while they are so busy doing so they can't fight the actual plan itself. The 21st century political system, one I describe on my other blogs as one designed to use every trick in the book to carry out whatever proven one world government shenanigans they wish (yes, real people do want to take over the world as well as B movie villains), has its own version of scapegoating and false claims which blame certain individuals for them, and until people know and understand the mechanism it will work perfectly.

There are still millions of people who remember the holocaust. This proved how it can be done and still is in many third world countries such as Nigeria and Sudan, when Muslims are slaughtering Christians and other Muslims not part of their own tribe such as Kurds or Sunnis. Whether the division ultimately ends in death or exclusion from society is only a matter of degree, the mechanism is put into action and what people do about it is down to them. Today's universal list, ie that which you will find in every western democracy, are as follows:

Political correctness
Multiculturalism and diversity
Global warming
Action on homophobia and racism

These are the main weapons of the elite who wish to make every group in society, whether fifty per cent as in women, a few per cent as in homosexuals, or a tiny fraction as in Jews (sorry, they say 'Zionists' now) they scapegoat the others as their enemy and thus create wars among communities by guaranteeing one group sees everyone else as against them. The most insidious since the holocaust, as so subtle as to be almost undetectable but with the worst results, is global warming.

I will explain. By teaching it as a compulsory subject in primary school, it is fully known that whatever is taught to young children is virtually universally accepted blindly. That is one of the greatest responsibilities in the world, and if abused is literally abusing both the children and their parents whose trust you have breached. Like the German soldiers who rampantly killed millions of innocent people, following orders is no defence. Yes, governments force teachers to teach it, but I know of at least one who did not and they were sacked as soon as it reached their head teacher, but they (as I note about Ken Livingstone) have wiped the blot from their character, the highest sacrifice they could make.

Therefore, by telling children to tell their parents to reduce their carbon footprints (part of the syllabus) even though they are far too young to understand it (as are most adults as well) they are managing to demonise their own parents at such an early age it may set up a subconscious lack of trust for the rest of their lives. They may tell their parents to turn the heating down, something which will be detrimental to their own health the most as their immune system will not be complete till adolescence, so suffer the most from any degree of hypothermia, and always have a nagging distrust of adults who appear to breach the rules their teachers told them about. It's an unsolvable dilemma for such young minds, and even if they sow a 1% seed of doubt in their own parents' integrity the poison has been taken on board.

That is pretty much the lowest level you can get, and follow the list besides global warming and can see the same mechanism causes the same results between the 'them' and 'us' whoever is being it at the time. Chuka Umunah was just on the radio today (the Labour MP) bemoaning how all the top black people are only in music and sport and why didn't we hear about all the others, and then went on to say how we needed black people in all the top areas. Forget the fact every top job is based on qualifications combined with ability, playing the race card simply guarantees the suspicion and paranoia continues and spreads even though probably only a tiny minority ever consider it when considering a job candidate, and inflaming whichever genuine amount there is puts all the black people who are taken in on the defensive, gives them a chip on their shoulder, and a bad attitude is the worst destroyer of any job interview.

The same goes for feminists calling all men potential rapists, conspiracy theorists seeing Zionists under the bed who of course only exist for the creation of a Jewish homeland, so cannot technically be separated as without the one the other couldn't exist. As for the blanket multiculturalism and diversity they have broken the bank. What better to rip a community to shreds than invite and encourage a random range of people from distant and different cultures and then expect them all to get on and work together? If they'd asked before they did it only the hard core nut brigade would have thought it was a good idea, with everyone else saying to piss off without the slightest worry about being considered racist. Now as we had it dumped on us over a couple of decades by Tony Blair and his successors and each area begins to notice how they rarely see or hear anyone English around them why shouldn't they be concerned? Had Tony Blair or his equivalent done the same in Nigeria, China, Japan, India or Iran for example, can you really see the Iranians or Pakistanis blithely welcoming and accepting the same influx of anyone and everyone, building small tight knit communities in previously local towns and cities, and then condemning them all for not doing so?

This is what has happened in Britain, and unless someone believes every country in the world ought to be a mix of totally different cultures who have their own values and backgrounds going back thousands of years, and then within only a decade not just expect them to all mix as one unified group, but condemn the natives for stopping them and then forcing them to employ people, to the extent of the EU banning language tests as discriminatory? If you fall for any or all of the divide and rule tricks you have been thoroughly screwed.

Gay marriage is an ideal trick to both highlight and use homosexuals as a means to an end. Before the last election no party had it on their manifesto or even mentioned it. Suddenly a couple of years after, David Cameron announced he was making it law, all the politicians happily voted it in, and now call everyone who disagrees with it homophobic. But before the election they weren't even asking for it! There had been no Stonewall or Peter Tatchell campaign running loudly for years for equality, in fact they'd been campaigning for a civil union which they got with very little opposition from anyone. By inventing gay marriage David Cameron found yet another way to get a small group of society, made even smaller by the proportion who even wanted to marry each other, to make the entire heterosexual majority wrong if they didn't treat it as the best news since it turned out Bobby Ewing was alive, or something.

But the biggest and best trick of all, which even makes Hitler's scapegoating of the Jews and other minority groups look like a practice run, is global warming. The official movement behind the environmental groups is one who was run by leaders such as Stephen Schneider and David Suzuki, along with the good and the great such as James Lovelock and George Monbiot, who to some or all a degree believe in Gaia theory, that the planet is a living thing and mankind is a cancer. And what do you do with cancer? Not just the Jews, gypsies, homosexuals or disabled emit CO2, everyone on the planet does. Mankind has been tried and sentenced, and we are all equally guilty as we are all part of mankind. And if you have been convicted of destroying the planet, by God you will be punished for it. Mankind has literally been divided against every single other one of them in existence. You can never beat that again.

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