Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The growth of a political conspiracy

Like cancer, a successful conspiracy requires a combination of stages to complete before mature, and then is maintained with the blood supply of threats and bribes to maintain it indefinitely.

People ask "How can the majority of politicians be crooked?" to which I will answer. There are many stages to go from an idealistic youth to being on the list to being selected as a British MP, and then from new entrant to cabinet minister. Each level filters out the individuals not required, and those left are put on the lists, the best ones in safe seats. As most people are neutral at worst and positive at best, there isn't a built in majority of total bastards, they are cultivated like a mould culture. Many decent idealistic new arrivals are voted in, and then within days so I have read, 'briefed' by the whips about how to ditch their personal beliefs to succeed in the party. I can't see many new MPs who do not have ministerial ambitions, especially as a back bencher has very little actual power under the system's rules, so if you really believe you can do something you must aim to become a minister otherwise you will have very little chance of changing anything.

The first filter divides the sheep and the goats, with the sheep instantly falling in line and doing as they're told for favours, they usually have mortgages and families and need to pay the bills first and put their principles second. Then when a crucial vote comes along and they need everyone to join or they may lose the pressure is put on. Just because you have joined a party it's impossible to agree with everything they support, especially if it changes from year to year while you don't. And if it's really important to you then do you spend the rest of your life with a blot on your soul (you will know even if others don't care) or give in? The second filter comes in, so many otherwise decent goats become the sheep as well. These processes continue endlessly until the majority of voting politicians, ie the ones creating the policies, support anything their party wants to become law, even though not enough agreed with them initially to win. This regardless of personal character, the mechanism of parliament forces the majority of politicians to vote for their own needs first and that allows every evil policy from the top, where the majority are always bad, to always hold the upper hand. It's simple, follows the Mafia structure, and works perfectly, especially where there is no proportional representation to moderate the majority altogether.

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