Monday, 28 October 2013

Judge the tree by its fruit

Regardless of religion the bible has many of the best lessons in it, but people seem to know the rules but not how to apply them, evidenced by the total bloody mess the world is currently in now, not through violent takeovers by autocratic tyrants, but just like Hitler's Nazis, freely voted in. Unless the voters understand what they are getting (although many did with them and still voted for them) they will continue to get the same garbage which has now spread worldwide like the shingles and met in the middle. You would not ever go to the market and buy rotting fruit or with worms in, but you get policies even worse and many still ask for more as they haven't a damn clue what they really mean. So use lateral thinking, put the cart before the horse and then see if it gets you anywhere.

In normal circumstances who would spend many times more for their energy which was no longer even guaranteed to deliver constantly as based on the weather? Not me or you I expect, but 10-30% of our energy bills in the EU are spent on doing just that. They are closing cheap and effective coal power stations for wind, solar and biofuel, which both cost many times more (wood chips are 6 times the price of fossil fuel for example, while offshore wind costs 12 times as much per kilowatt, before input costs are added) while wind and solar only work when they feel like it and solar is reduced 25 times by the atmosphere so cannot produce more than a fraction any house requires.

If a salesman came to you and asked you if you wanted to pay £8000 for a solar array which would heat a bath or run a TV for an hour you'd probably tell him to go away and have sex (I have decided to curb the swearing here for a change) but if they then offer you someone else's money to pay you back the sum quickly with a profit who wouldn't? Forget the power as that's a bonus if you can save a few quid on the annual bills on top, but the government are taking money off everyone else to pay your investments back. Or what about getting 20% of the world's corn, one of the staple foods of the poor, and  burning it for fuel while taking it away from those who needed it to eat and shoot up world prices as a result and it also costs many times more to burn? You'd probably put them in prison and throw away the key.

So why the hell do people willingly roll over and submit worldwide to such nonsense and atrocities? Because the governments tell you we have to do it to stop the planet warming more than 2C in 90 years. Run that by me again, because a tiny amount of the atmosphere has changed (140 parts in a million), they are telling us add the same again, which they expect to take almost a century, may make temperatures rise a whole 2C, although we'll never know anyway but they want you to trust them (as most do, as these laws are worldwide). It gets worse.

Who remembers Enron? They made a huge loss and rather than go broke invented future profits and offered them in exchange for investing in the company. They filled the hole and found they made so much trading nothing in the form of energy credits they took over as their main form of business, eventually being caught and busted for major fraud. Before they did their idea was taken up by the US government and is now compulsory and called carbon trading. It was fraudulent and illegal then, it is still fraudulent. Imagine a government doing that without a good reason and in the open, and think of what the standard of their reason for doing it is when this is the result?

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