Monday, 28 October 2013

Introduction and aims

The post-internet revolution is one of information. Knowledge is power and the effect of viral sharing now means anything of value can be spread from person to person until a large enough percentage are both informed and accept that information as genuine. Here are some of the basics, and will give each its own post with explanation, plus more to be added as I go along.

1) Politicians are not your friends: If they help you it is a coincidence, otherwise they are only nice to you before an election and rarely deliver on any promises. I will add as many examples as I can on its own page, but David Cameron and the Lisbon Treaty is atypical example, but the best is Julia Gillard's 'There will be no carbon tax'. And she is now working as a climate change advocate, fancy that. They look after themselves in the majority. Many are decent and honest but either knocked into shape or never get promoted.

2) Judge the tree by the fruit. If the policies resulting from an idea hurt people, then so is the idea. Remember Enron created carbon trading and we all remember what happened to them.

3) Apart from being unreasonable to save up for a house as you'll probably be retired or dead by the time you do, do you really need anything else before you do, like a holiday, TV or new car? What's the purpose of buying anything you don't really need on credit? Bankers rarely use the same credit cards they sell, they know and won't touch them. Follow the insiders, not the sheep.

4) Follow the money. If money is 'lost' it has to go somewhere unless it's actually physically destroyed. None of the money 'lost' by bankers disappeared, it went to commissions on sales and loans and property owners whose customers couldn't afford to pay it back to the lenders. The total did not shrink, it just moved its location.

5) The Hegelian Dialectic: If a government wants a policy they know no one will accept, create an artificial reason where your policy like magic becomes a solution. So if you want full surveillance and stop and search make sure there's a genuine fear of terrorism. If you want to double taxes pretend it's to save the planet. You get the drift.

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