Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Communication of the messages

Having come up against every possible barrier in my mission to undo the illusions created in the masses by the powerful, I read psychological studies showing it boiled down to the two optimum methods, individual dialogue and constant repetition of key terms. As the first takes forever it is restricted to individual interventions, like cult retrieval, when the opportunity arises as it is still well worth taking. The second involves taking a few key elements pared down to their most basic, and repeating them subtlely over and over again until like banging in a nail each word drives it home.

There is nothing more effective than a person who then realises they have been cheated. Each saved soul is a miracle, and by repeating such proven truths as 'low interest rates hurt the majority as do high house prices' and wind turbines are incapable of producing usable energy at any scale, because it is totally possible to check these up and find they are correct eventually we will be able to unwind enough twisted minds to free the majority from the mental shackles of illusion.

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