Tuesday, 30 June 2015

What is genuinely racist?

Since the left developed the method to repel opposition by yelling 'racism' at anyone they disagree with, here is a check list of what actually is racist and what isn't, but they label it all the same and means the real racism often gets watered down as people are made to think one type is as bad as the other.


Treating black/ethnic people badly, eg: Not employing them, not wanting to live next to them, not wanting your children to go out with one.
Calling them insulting names purely based on their race.
Racial based attacks.
Lying about the shortcomings of other races.

Not real:

Complaining about immigration.
Mentioning how few local born people are in your area now.
Making jokes about other races (including your own or by others about yours).
Using the wrong word for black people.
Having a society where everyone gets a job on their own merit and are not forced to have quotas.
Arresting black people with a genuine reason in areas of high crime.
Racial profiling.
Reporting the races of convicted criminals.
Stereotyping (if based on accurate observations).

I think this is fairly simple and easy to follow, and will add any more to the list if I think of them, but by including the lower list with the upper list paints innocent people with a dirty insult, and debases the very rare but genuine instances of genuine racism.

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