Wednesday, 17 June 2015

The victimhood of the left

Surfing Twitter for the last week to read the often side splitting hilarious tweets about Rachel Dolezal's new transracial movement has shown me the inner workings of the mind (they only share the single one, via groupthink) of those of the left, and having been through the entire machine a single word comes out at the end, victimhood. "It's not my fault I didn't do well, it's everyone elses'".  This is the babyish immature view we can never succeed as long as others try and stop us. Forget the concepts of competition and freedom, if you are in a western country where the law itself doesn't offer special treatment to Sunnis, Shias or Brahmins as they do in the third world, if you are not a white middle class male then you may as well either chain yourself to the sink or get a McJob as they won't let you get any further. Or something.

What a load of utter steaming garbage.

In counselling one of the main journeys is self development, from blaming others to taking full responsibility. Yet for the first time in my life I've seen into the pathogenic idea (mainly in America but spreading fast elsewhere) of what they call 'white privilege'. People of all educational backgrounds, job statuses, and oddly enough races, who are part of this negative mindset, genuinely claim white people and men enjoy a status in the world above the others because there was slavery in the past, and black people overall have never done as well as white people where they live together. That is the sort of conclusion a child will make when they lose a game or do badly in an exam, blaming the wind, their health, circumstances, basically anything except their own personal responsibility for their own personal failure. I must oversimplify to make the point, but anyone with a belief in white privilege is oversimplifying themselves, so am using their own shortcuts to get to the point. Of course the incredible success of black people both in sub-Saharan Africa, where somehow nearly all the best jobs go to them, and the west where people like Oprah Winfrey, Whoopi Goldberg, Stevie Wonder, Rajendra Pauchauri (head of the UN IPCC), and now of course president Obama, if you've got it you will make it.

I have already also mentioned the blindness of exam marking. They can't see who wrote the exam they mark, deliberately so, and a caller to the radio from Africa this week said he came to England, passed two degrees and is an academic because he could. Don't listen to me, I am just the reporter, listen to those who have been there, done it and proved the naysayers wrong. Divide and rule however works very nicely, so when you find white people constantly being behind such myths, fanning the flames of hate and division you realise some of it is actually not invented by the minorities themselves, but deliberately created to cause such division to sabotage society.

But whoever created it the bottom line is it's nonsense and dangerous for anyone to fail simply because of their appearance. Exam results are not based on appearance, or comedy or musical or artistic talent. A product is not judged on the ethnicity of its inventor, nor a book or essay. Does anyone think that unless they're a paid up member of the KKK a publisher will distinguish between a piece written by a black or white person? I even hear women complain their art, music and writing has done badly as they are women, although as many have proved since, by either not revealing their gender or by actually being as good as the men, they have done just as well, like JK Rowling. If you invent an obstacle for you it exists, and you will be driving forwards with the brakes on, and carry a negative attitude which alone will put everyone off as they can pick it up. You become your own worst enemy, and create self fulfilling prophecies, looking at everyone else's success and blaming your own lack for who you are not what you do.

It breaks the first rule of counselling to blame others for your failure, and the obsolete and divisive myth of 21st century white privilege, combined with its evil cousin feminism are the worst examples of doing so and as a result tearing apart society and causing false obstacles and acting out the blame on the perceived white male perpetrators as if it really was their fault the others couldn't reach their levels. Like the original myth of Marx's class war, it has now split in three to include race and sex. And three times as dangerous and divisive as a result.

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