Sunday, 14 June 2015


The 21st century has seen the blurring and attempted removal of long-standing boundaries we have used since the dawn of time, now referred to by their opponents as 'binary' or 'non-existent', claiming our existing terms were invented and false, and now breaking the old rules for one by one, making them fluid and essentially meaningless.

Gender, marriage and now race are being challenged and subsequently eliminated from the realm of existence, with their original official and known meanings being made obsolete and replaced with whatever people want them to mean. Of course such a trend has no limits. The binary scientific world of up and down, left and right, positive and negative underly physics, chemistry, biology and the universe itself. Matter and anti-matter were supposed to have created the universe by leaving more matter in ours than anti-matter. Put together one with the other and they cancel into pure energy. Saying that is a artificial man-made concept won't work when you blow yourself to high heaven trying it.

Men and women nearly always have XX or XY genes with a few exceptions. Their sexual apparatus is reflected by the genes, as their secondary sexual characteristics. Marrying means putting together two different parts to create a whole, like a male and female plug. Try as you might but two males or females will never manage it. These sounded like basic primary school logic till recently, now I find myself having to justify what everyone on the planet knew till about 2010 or so when gay marriage and fluid gender were invented to challenge the status quo. Sure, you can call all things whatever you like, but the two magnets will always attract or repel each other whether you say their polarity is a personal choice. Race has become so specific a DNA test can now analyse your origins going back for many generations. Both race and gender can be discerned from a minute swab of DNA, so pretending you are something else or uncertain is merely self deception and deceiving others.

But the biggest problem is society's gradual acceptance of such softening of certainties. They welcomed gay marriage as it seemed to help the homosexual community, although they already had the closest equivalent in civil partnerships, created because marriage could only fulfil its consummation and procreation with a man and a woman. Now apparently it doesn't matter. Because it doesn't cause problems to others no one has really wasted their effort risking universal criticism by trying to challenge it. Fluid gender however has meant removing healthy organs from thousands of people to make their outside supposedly match their inside. They also remove healthy limbs from people who hate them, which breaches the Hippocratic oath. You can't get them back, the surgeons somehow use the psychological justification to say because someone suffers from a recognised syndrome, body dysmorphia, they will suffer so much from looking the way they were born it is better to cripple them than offer intensive therapy to allow them to accept what they were given like we all must in the end. But the DNA swab will always say the same binary XX or XY, as will their remaining subtle difference even the best surgeon's knife can't alter.

As every black person knows, you can't hide your race from the police or employers, so white people blacking up and wearing a wig can never be black however much they fool people, as the recent story about Rachel Dolezal has proved. The critics have quite rightly said you can't be transracial as only a white person can change enough to look just about black, not vice versa. This has really forced the first boundary on the left, as for the first time hardly anyone accepts the nonsensical claims that race is a choice and as fluid as gender, which I hope I've demonstrated is not either.

Hopefully before this trend spreads to other oppressive concepts such as right and left (as long as you don't try and take a driving test), self-marked exams, cats and dogs, different colours, blurring family ties to allow incest (after all, they are consenting adults, why can't they be allowed to express their love as well?), Down's syndrome, and ultimately Dudley Moore's one legged Tarzan, people will finally see through it. Inclusivity and equality have clear lines, and even the far left PC brigade have to use the term 'differently abled' as even they haven't yet claimed one leg is as good as two. Yet.

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