Thursday, 4 June 2015

People really are different

I came across this view in the early 70s, after reading many books on medicine, psychology and genetics, that despite the scientific evidence to the contrary (greatly increased since then) some people still believe people are born virtually the same and changed by their environment. This is the root of all extreme left wing thought, the one that hates 'stereotyping', as it correctly points out every single racial and ethnic group has its own unique blend of characteristics, like every other small family, and like it or not they are real.

Of course outside influences have an effect as well, you can make the worst or best of anyone and learn from whatever's around you. But that doesn't make who you are any different underneath. Twin studies, most of all separated twin studies both show common attributes and common genes. Every day they attribute more individual attributes to genes, and assuming environment makes a person does not explain the unique personalities in the same family growing up together, or similarities with other family members who were not present but closely related. This is true and proven science, yet with all their talk of stereotyping, racism, equality and the like the left refuse to accept individuals are unique, families and ethnic groups have common traits and nothing you can do will iron the bad ones out totally as it is within the individual at such a deep level.

You can teach people how to behave, how to repress their urges to fight and steal, but you cannot make anyone better than their ultimate potential. Mensa say an IQ can be measured lower than it is but can never be made higher as it is fixed and expressed depending on whether you are having a good or bad day. Mathematical, musical or artistic potential is no different, children a few years old show incredible talent with little or no training, and although you can train someone to be reasonable in many areas they have basic abilities in the best are all natural and will flourish with the slightest opportunity. As always, presenting the extremes demonstrates everything subtler in between. You can't train someone with Down's syndrome to be a doctor or a lawyer, why, because their genetic makeup prevents them learning beyond a certain level. Do those on the left accept that? If so then everyone else is a subtler version of that, average, above or below but impossible to rise above whatever limits they were given at conception when their unique genome is fused from the sperm and the egg that created them.

Extend this to in breeding, as they do with animals and plants, and you see certain positive or negative characteristics increase, and as few people disagree pedigree animals don't have specific traits then if you have a small group of people intermarrying for generations you will both enhance negative genetic illnesses and inbuilt talents. Extend this group to any greater size and although the similarities reduce they can't go away altogether, everything is simply a watered down version of the extreme example.

Psychometric tests cover pretty much everything, both your hidden potential qualities and expressed potential. Aggression, practical skills, intelligence, whatever. You can't fool them much and they should remain similar throughout your lifetime, as besides what you have achieved with your expression of talents and handling your weaknesses the underlying trends are always there. In fact how anyone on the left can claim otherwise, leading to such disasters as comprehensive education, which denies children are of varying intelligences at all so stops the best being educated for nothing with the best teaching they need, and allowing people from countries which haven't improved for centuries to live in the west and carry on in similar ways to where they were. Imagining you can mould everyone to be the same was the idea of Chairman Mao, and he either got you the way he wanted, or imprisoned or killed you if you weren't, as they also did in the USSR. Taking positive ideas of removing poverty and using them to remove wealth are taking a ploughshare and making it into a sword. The left only have swords, and with them they stab reason and logic but it can never be hurt as it is perfect and immune. But they demean its standing and make people doubt them and follow their crazy policies.

If you want to see people struggle to succeed, and then waste their talents and not be rewarded for them then believe in equality and similarity, we are not and can never be clones, uniform cells which can all be the same however different we look, the same goes for feminists who want women to be men, they never can be and having 50% different genes with the Y gene men can never even be close to women as half their traits are unique genetically. You can't replace fast muscles with slow muscles either, so the black sprinters and high jumpers must always have an advantage as their muscles have fast cells and long distance runners have slow cells for gradual long term performance rather than sudden spurts. That's based on a microscopic cell test and the related gene. If you can see it physically you must accept it's the same mentally just because it's not physically obvious. Just because mental traits- intelligence, aggression etc are not instantly obvious and may need months of observation to assess adequately doesn't make them any less real, just harder to detect. The left use this subtlety to deny they exist altogether, and end up with Maoist policies as a result, based entirely on confirmable falsehood.

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