Thursday, 25 June 2015

How to analyse computer models of the climate

Thanks to Tom Nelson I suspect we have busted climate models to hell. He tweeted this today, which I followed up and realised this person actually appears to admit the atmosphere and related planet is as complex as the human body, something I as a total amateur stated some time ago:

Hayhoe argues that "the planet's as complex as the human body"

Now having replied to a few questions on it here was my response:

Someone just suggested as you can model the earth's atmosphere with computer programs you could model the human body and carry out tests. I'd be fascinated to see doctors using models of the human body to determine their treatments and diagnoses. Like a computerised kidney, brain or entire body. Could they do it?  You could introduce cancer cells into an organ and test virtual treatments on them. Saves lots of animals. Imagine modelling an entire circulatory system and trying treatments for leukaemia on a computer program. Of course you'd need to factor in the effects of all the organs as well but modern programs are incredible now.

Now going by the daily claims of climate modellers creating the largest and most complex system comparable to the human mind and body combined, I doubt a single one of them would either dare to take on modelling a single organ, let alone the whole body. So why the atmosphere?

QED I say, and busted.

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