Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Blaming others

Recently I have been reading more and more about people from every group not being white and male as being somehow discriminated against, and blaming their lack of success on others, usually white straight males. Forget the successful women, ethnic people in western and other countries, disabled people (eg Stephen Hawking), homosexuals (most of the entertainment and fashion industry) etc etc. Instead they fight for 'positive' discrimination (as it discriminates for them and against presumably white males) and use terms such as 'white privilege' to excuse their own lack of success and bring in slavery as a reason, even though it is ten times less current than Nazism and has no living survivors, or many were not owned by white people or were all black anyway, but don't let history interfere with your prejudice.

In the end the definition of success is doing well through having a talent, persisting with it, and not giving up when you fail. Inevitably each complainer falls down at one of these steps, expecting it from no training or qualifications, many being barely literate, being put off by not getting jobs and blaming their race, sexuality or gender, or simply not bothering to get what they really want when they fail a few times. So yes, many have as much talent as those who do succeed, but are dragged back by such a heavy weight on their shoulders they give up as they believe no one will give them a chance for who they are, rather than what they can do. Such actions are not even legal in Europe now even if they did happen from time to time, and if you don't persist then you won't find the vast majority who do not judge someone on their personal characteristics but their ability.

Also people are different and unique. Forcing jobs to 'represent society', the latest hobby horse of the left, simply takes any powerful job and wants it to be half women and whatever percentage of races live in that area. Forget the fact the courses and jobs don't and can't specify such things (as it is illegal to discriminate) so every course and job applicant is 100% equal, even if they are deaf, blind or paralysed (unless it's as Tarzan or a driver). Imagining their personal attributes, if not those of the majority or mainstream will mean employers will simply overlook them for their more palatable peers is so paranoid one would imagine the entire world was operating apartheid, rather than outlawing it. Failure is not a reason to fail but to keep trying. Looking back on it and blaming your race, religion or gender will become, to you only, a reality, and when you interview with a bad attitude as you now assume they are looking at you as an inferior being, they will do. Not because you are but because you come across as one, a self fulfilling prophecy. Just because there was discrimination in the 20th century and is still a small part of mass culture (as in the proletariat), it is not dominant anywhere in the world except maybe the exclusively black and brown countries, where many do discriminate against the darker skinned of their own race, and millions of pots of skin bleach are sold a year as a result. There is the only real known and enforced discrimination, not with ethnic minorities but within ethnic majorities, but as they are not happening in the west they are largely not mentioned or considered despite easily being the worst current examples. Even the largely persisting Indian caste system is partly based on skin colour, with the top being the blue eyed Brahmins. No coincidence there, and not a white privilege in sight.

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