Tuesday, 8 April 2014

The truth behind political correctness

"Political correctness cannot face truth: It rejects what is, simply because what it does not suit what the politically correct thinking ought to be"

George MacDonald Fraser

Pretty much sums it up perfectly for me. You don't want anyone to be more intelligent than any other, less so different races, or accept cultures commit certain crimes more than others, large groups of immigrants do not blend with native populations in general and women are different from men. Just because you close your eyes and try and silence anyone like me who refuses to play the game can never change nature for what it is. That is a process of personal evolution and maturity these people will probably never reach or complete. They would rather pretend the world was perfect if only everyone would stop pointing out it was not. They are stuck at a very early stage of development and currently in charge of Western policy. A form of mental slavery going against everything enlightened society spent thousands of years developing, and want to shut it down and replace it with one size and colour fits all. This can and will never happen, however many good people are silenced, convicted, imprisoned and killed for saying so. You cannot change the world by closing your eyes and everyone else's mouths, as such you are being more oppressive than any other individual ever could simply for speaking what they believe was the truth.
Having explained the entire motivation behind the movement, it now makes perfect sense. While mature (including children, their maturity of clear perception can be trained out of them by society to regress them) people see what is, not by being biased or prejudiced, but simple common experience, the PC lot don't accept or believe it. How on earth could people be stuck as they are, no person being able to rise above their native IQ (as genetic imprints are now coming out for more and more traits, including intelligence, it will become impossible to pretend otherwise soon), and presumably certain characteristics being inborn to certain races no differently to any within your own family which is a microcosm of any groups you belong to. I suppose if you come from one of the more successful groups it's easier to accept this, simply as you are at an advantage and recognise positive traits not as present in others, but when a member then feels utmost guilt at how whatever is done no one from other groups will be able to meet the same levels as ones own, and the denial comes in. They then look for every possible social reason, where sociologists can, given sufficient resources, easily trace such failings from say British immigrants to their home countries and hundreds of years previously, failing in certain areas regardless of the social conditions. As Mensa say, you can always make someone's IQ lower with poor conditions, but never higher than it actually is.
Science comes to our aid time and time again, tests using controls can for example show many similar traits in identical twins adopted to separate families, and criminology seems to find certain crimes are indeed as much culturally related than down to the individuals. There is really nothing offensive with recognising who does what, the best and worst things, and it is physically impossible to condemn a single person to a lifetime stuck in their place like the Indian caste system, as in the west then it's free for everyone to rise out of their backgrounds to any level they are capable of. I'd also say most people within any racial or religious group knows these traits far better than anyone else, and when you ask them directly, instead of the toxic practice of the progressive left of speaking for them, they will also condemn the worst elements of their own, and immigration in general, just like the dreadful white British people do the left love to hate.
Speaking out with honesty is a gift and a duty, and anyone who hides from it deserves all they get from the oppressed minority of plain talkers who know what they see and are not scared to tell you. It has led to comprehensive schools, forcing academic but poor children out of the best possible education, uncontrolled immigration, as whoever comes in number wise, including a million or more of the same race as us here in Britain, critics are labelled 'racist' (apparently forgetting many critics are ethnic minorities themselves who also have to wait longer for appointments and get stuck queuing for transport like everyone else), overlooks organised crime when it is committed by foreign gangs (Rochdale council allowed sexual predation for years rather than upset the local Muslim community, which as well as allowing the crimes to continue for years after they were discovered), which no doubt happened elsewhere for the same reasons as this is standard practice in certain types of local authority, and you end up getting quotas for women and ethnic minorities, forcing genuinely qualified people who had worked for years to qualify out of possible jobs to get someone else in who you believe should be there instead even though the free market does not provide such results.
Denying one person cannot be born more intelligent than another (while insisting everyone is born gay or not) flies in the face of reality and sets an alternative foundation for society based on an imaginary hell, where we are all born the same and determined by our conditions, and any child taken from a family at birth would end up exactly like the other they were adopted by regardless. Of course on the service they will sound the same and share the same culture they grew up in, but they will always remain themselves in that particular style of presentation, and no doubt as they grow up wonder why they are attracted to areas associated with their birth culture they knew nothing about. There's no sociological explanation for this, how could a Jewish baby sent to Nigeria at birth not knowing a thing about their background except they are clearly not black African from birth become attracted to Jewish things for no apparent reason, until eventually they do enough research and find out that is who they are as well? There is absolutely no other explanation for it than science, families are born similar to each other, and when they breed selectively, like all other animals and plants, show more in common with their family group than everyone else. Science since Gregor Mendel knew that, and however much you close your eyes and sing, people from different groups will show more similarities with others within it, not just on the surface from mimicry, but underneath even if they are transported to the Antarctic to live with the polar bears, they will still crave salt beef and latkes even if they don't know what they are if born Jewish. I certainly would have.

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