Saturday, 5 April 2014

Economic terrorism

To borrow a term from Max Keiser, these are as many examples as I can think of (some mentioned already) where governments impose economic policies which attack the majority of the population directly, some with absolutely no benefit for anyone except sheer sadism against who they believe are a deserving enemy. In no particular order:

1) Income tax above 50%. Repeated economic studies show once you raise taxes above 50% the total gained reduces, so the economy and victims both suffer for absolutely no purpose except gaining votes from like minded Luddites. The reason this can never become profitable is people work less, hide more income and leave the country. That always happens around the world where applied, so all governments know this and do it anyway.

2) University charges. England and Wales never charged for degrees, and offered a universal grant. Now they charge around £27,000 once people earn enough to pay it back, while Scotland manages them free. Has the economy really shrunk so much they can't pay for it through taxes as they always did before or have they simply decided to punish everyone?

3) The UK National Health Service is officially going broke, yet £5-700 billion (source David Buick, BBC Radio London) is being paid on climate projects which create absolutely nothing, often spending around the amount on wind and solar as they give back in their entire lifetimes without adding anything, much like high taxation. Energy prices are beyond the reach of the poor who die of cold every winter, yet money is spent to possibly stop it getting warmer in the distant future while people die as a direct result and the amount is increasing annually under a series of laws. Does any government really want to allow people to die and tens of thousands more become ill  (official figures) every year by diverting money to something we don't really know has any effect at all and never can (it would require an identical planet with lower CO2 and the time to find out if it made any difference, which is not possible as we won't be able to live that long).

4) Low interest rates/high house prices. Low interest rates hurt around 70% of the population and costs the economy billions a year in reduced spending, and then raises inflation as people pay more for houses as the monthly mortgage payments go down so the price part goes up to match the difference. No one benefits from that except property developers, who are not 30% of the population either, but far less.

5) High oil prices. OPEC works on the principle a country like Saudi Arabia needs a minimum oil price (around $80) to pay all their country's expenses. Therefore they meet regularly and limit supply to keep it above that point, even though it is pure chance they live there and use it instead of working and taxing people on it like everywhere else has to. That is immoral and ought to be considered an act of war.


I hope this gives a picture of certain economic policies which either benefit the few at the expense of the many, or in the case of high income tax only benefit a left wing party in gaining more votes. It also represents politicians in general, as these policies are widespread, and prove they are looking after themselves in exchange for donations and media support etc, while they use the people like ants farm aphids, they look afer them purely for what they get, and if they stopped getting it would walk away and let us rot.

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