Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Positive feedback has been called off.

Global warming relies on two things, which the media never mention. All we get from them is the catalyst, CO2, which alone is unlikely ever to add more than 1C as that is its total absorption spectrum which needs to double until it becomes saturated per 1C rise. It has already risen 50% since 1850 and the (already rising) temperature has gone up 0.8C. In fact the real greenhouse gas is water, in the form of humidity/vapour in the atmosphere. That is the positive feedback required from oceanic evaporation remaining in the atmosphere, but can either form that (warming) or clouds (cooling). The satellites (in the present) as opposed to the models (in the future) have shown the water vapour to be falling while the cloud cover rises, explaining totally the lack of consequent warming and reasons for it since CO2 has continued to rise.

As the media fail to mention the vital second element required for more than a single degree of harmless warming, plus the fact we already know it is not just absent but replaced by cooling cloud cover then it explains pretty fully that temperatures have risen about 80% less than the UN forecast in the 1990s and growing further and further away from their sharply rising estimates every year. There is no known or expected delay mechanism whereby anything would change, but the oceans evaporate and we can only observe the results after the event. In fact the layers of atmosphere have different effects for both types of water vapour, some warm and some cool, and as a result such phenomena are impossible to model at all so can't be known until after the event. As we now do.

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