Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Barack Obama's climate data

Obama's last speech quoted increases in every imaginable weather disaster from global warming, even though the UN state the frequency is unlikely to increase, only the intensity of events. After a 2C rise mainly, which we'll never live to see. But his claims of each increase, easily checked in moments but clearly not by him or anyone after, can show he lied. Again. That is because Barack Obama is a paid liar, paid by his slave masters Soros, Rockefeller, and according to his latest plans to fund the first official geoengineering project, Bill Gates. So the second question is if this information is so easily discovered, how did he both manage to make such clearly dishonest claims, and was never once called on them in any media, not even to my knowledge Alex Jones who really ought to have won the race to expose one of the worst examples of abuse of authority since Stalin. Some have only been available for continents, others the entire world, but the lack of any increase (the tornados total have, but look at the strength in red which does the actual damage). However, the separate major tornado graph shows the specific picture. Thanks to Anthony Watts for saving many of these for us all to bust the liars at the top.

world cyclones

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