Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Showing their true colours

Every now and then supposedly respectable organisations and movements can't manage to hold back their genuine plans and intentions, as unless they really were as beneficent and squeaky clean as they present themselves, whatever is really there must leak out and show, and my point is if that is possible at all, like with a criminal record, that is both what they are capable of, and presents their true nature.

Once the organisation or movement can be found to have acted in a certain way then that is how they are all the way through. If you catch your new girlfriend killing a puppy can that ever be seen as an isolated incident or must it represent the whole? A crude example maybe, but I hope a clear one. So when we joined the same common market which burnt, buried and threw food back into the sea, they'd clearly nailed their colours to the flag and meant the entire basis of their organisation was based on the worst possible primitive and backward principles known to mankind. Like joining a group who offer insurance to keep your buildings intact, offer employment advice based on being part of certain families, and make their opponents disappear, otherwise known as the Mafia, if you know who you are dealing with by a single example of such types of action then you know exactly who you are getting involved with generally.

Just because someone says they're nice and there to help you doesn't make it anything of the sort. The EU have a long record to witness, so when they became the first and so far only organisation to simply remove cash from people's bank accounts not to pay their own personal debts but the organisation's, suddenly the EU morphs into the earlier and better known criminals the Mafia, after all, besides dumping food to keep the prices up, a typical Mafia style trick of commodity price manipulation, but with the added bonus of causing malnutrition, directly swiping money from people's bank accounts sealed the last remaining questions over their integrity. Moving from the EU to political movements in general, what is generally referred to as the 'liberal left' are certainly on the left, but the least liberal movement you'll ever come across. Besides insisting only their opinions are genuine and all others are criminal, such as not believing in global warming or gay marriage, they are among the ranks of the worst racists in current society. No doubts at all. Having spent millions of pounds on the 'BDS movement', designed to highlight every possible connections with Israel (the Jewish state) and not give them any money, they then raised the stakes by coining the phrase 'Hideously white', along with the equally toxic 'Positive discrimination', forcing qualified candidates in the police and boards of directors into other possible employment in favour of women or ethnic minorities. Of course swapping one form of discrimination for another is still discrimination, just replacing the previously favoured group with your lot, again much like family feuds within the Mafia.

And by raising the stakes to calling anything at all hideously white, which actually made the BBC on Radio 4 Media Programme on this afternoon (2/4/2014) pretty much making it official, if you replaced it with black, Chinese or Jewish (maybe not Jewish actually), you'd be lynched. What's the difference? None. Not a thing. They are hideously racist. It matters not a jot who it is directed at, they are racist. Oh, and sexist of course. How else could you close down a company not employing women on the board, and that's the law. Whose exactly? The EU, who else?

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