Monday, 7 April 2014

Global warming, the new religion of atheists

I have seen the same mechanism replace religion in atheists who proselytise wherever they can about global warming.

The UN calculate the temperature in 2100 could be anything from a degree to six degrees warmer, anything over two or so may be worse overall than now, while it depends on positive feedback from added CO2 to reach that, which as yet is not present after a 50% rise.

This means they have replaced the belief in heaven and hell after death in another dimension with climate heaven and hell on earth. I don't know about you but I won't be here in 2100. In order to believe the models and lack of positive feedback will suddenly surface from nowhere to cause unknown warming at some date in the distant future, despite none of it actually existing in the present (it has warmed precisely 0.8C in 164 years on a 50% rise on CO2, around half of that attributed to man), you need total faith in scientists, although the temperatures and sea levels are currently below 95% of the models, yet the believers insist, just like the rapture and days of judgement, it is happening now. And worse, their news, unlike that of the Christians, is all bad news. Original sin has been replaced with emitting carbon, and as we all (all reading this anyway) use electricity and heating, WE ARE ALL GUILTY AND MUST REPENT.

Surely any genuine religion, even if based on superstition and nonsense, is superior to that which condemns the entire spectrum of mankind, and does not even offer a means to repent and be saved?

They believe in end times, heaven and hell after we die (from warming), sin (emitting CO2 and the associated lifestyle, much like Sodom and Gomorrah) and repentance (admitting our sin and reducing our carbon footprints).
That is totally based in belief in your god (science) through its prophets (computer models) which predict the future, and even when time after time they get it wrong you still defend them to the end as you have faith.

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