Wednesday, 4 March 2015

The nature of equality

Extending the range of a narrower point can be the magnification required for all to see. Equality is a totally misunderstood political principle, as it has meant the majority of the left actually believe it means we are all born the same regardless of gender or physical and mental qualities, and as a result an entire misguided political ideology has grown up on the back of it based on an error.

Equality is a lot closer to the French principle, in that everyone's life is of equal value and should all be treated equally. That is it. Nothing more, beyond or greater, except possibly to extend that principle to animals, as they may be quite different from us but all are physical, alive and sentient and should be treated with the same respect.

Animals in fact are my main key to demonstrating the falsehood of the left wing view of equality. Cats and dogs. Both animals, domesticated and reasonably intelligent. But are they equal? That is a question you can ask the next lefty when they whinge about privileged education, or different expectations of women etc, the usual sort of whining accusations of bias. When they've given up trying to tackle a coherent reply (I doubt one would be possible), then start within the human range. If intelligence is created by the environment, then what would happen if you brought up someone with Down's syndrome with the family of a Cambridge professor? Would they start catching others up? Or with enough physical training could a woman lay as many bricks as a man, day in and day out? Of course there would be grey areas, overlaps and uncertainties, but that is the very point, if equality was the way they claim it is (and believe me, most do), then they should confidently claim every single goal was possible.

It clearly isn't, take as many similar examples as you want. So they are clearly wrong. QED

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