Wednesday, 4 March 2015

An example of how politics actually works

A little bit of structure behind world politics in the recent news. As a teacher I used to find examples of theories in practice, and this is a perfect one of how the Mafia, ie the world governments and those shady figures behind them, are mainly planned, controlled and manipulated with very little spontaneous events, whatever the media tell us when anything happens. In fact most have been planned for months or years, but we are just unaware of it.

The latest event (it wasn't in fact, nothing happened) was the Greek election and following results. I and many other insiders explained that Greece was being sacrificed by what we call here 'the cabal', in this case in the guise of the EU (they are not separate, see them as the European arm of the Mafia, who I prefer to call them as it represents them better than any other way), and because of the mentality of 'the masses' (in this case 77% of the Greek voters), persuaded the people 'there was no other option' than both stay in the EU and the euro.

As a result, if you have a choice between (pardon me, but the analogy is very close) pig poop, cat poop or dog poop, technically you have no choice at all. Syriza was simply a left wing version of poop, one which would offer everything, and as followed delivered precisely zero, as all observers fully expected. The two reasons for this were that firstly Syriza were actually a 100% conventional political party, unlike say Golden Dawn or even Ukip. Their official policy was identical to every single other conventional European party in power, ie EU and euro membership.

They never wanted to leave the euro, so it can't happen from their side.

On the other hand, of course the EU needs 100% membership continuity, so sacrifice poorer countries to maintain the political status quo, with the euro being a purely political system designed to bring about a single federal state, and not an economic one. Therefore they will spend and lose as much as it takes to maintain the total coherence of the euro and EU at all costs. Hence the agreement last week, almost inevitably to be followed by endless others. It will put Greece in recession for decades and make them suffer for generations, despite if leaving may suffer for 1-2 years and then recover. The Greek people do not know nor understand this as it's high level economics, but proven by both Argentina and Iceland if they simply want to look at examples rather than use their imagination.

In the end this little story demonstrates a number of things, most of all, besides the organised and planned nature of politics, how it was the people themselves who chose this fate, as they do have parties wishing to leave the euro but chose not to elect them, as do many other countries in similar positions. We can even create new parties if they do not exist, and vote them in if they are needed, so that is no excuse if there isn't one where they live. Greece can be used to demonstrate both the power we have if we wish to take it, and the fear we mainly have (77% of Greeks surveyed support staying in the euro) which stops us doing so and makes us hand it over to others we 'believe' can do it better than us, and still allow them even when they haven't done so. This is our problem, not theirs.

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