Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Big oil's position on climate change

Apparently ever since the major oil companies helped fund East Anglia University's climate research unit, the main institution creating UN and world policy, big oil have continued to promote and fund projects designed to combat climate change.

Shell BP Rockefeller (oil billionaires) Petrobras (one of George Soros' major recent investments)
Exxon Mobil

Of course there are slight qualifications required, as in fact these are not only oil companies, they are all now energy companies, who make profits from providing energy. It may include oil, which in a restricted market can only increase in price when the markets are artificially skewed by government policies creating shortages, so they gain from guaranteed markets in wind and solar, created from our taxes, and increased prices for their fossil fuel which is caused by limiting distribution such as the Keystone pipeline which if implemented would reduce both costs and prices as a direct consequence, and banning drilling in many areas to 'protect the environment', keeping prices higher than they would have been by restricting supply. They only invest in what will increase their profits, they're businesses, not charities, and by investing in climate research and projects, adding to the billions from both governments and the numerous massively funded activist groups such as Greenpeace and the Sierra Club, as well as the Suzuki Foundation which pays for lawsuits against anyone criticising scientists, it is clear that what some people term 'big oil' simply work for what gets them the best results, and clearly most of that is on opposite side from the one they are accused of, although like the best rogue traders of course they do back both sides, who wouldn't in their position?

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