Saturday, 15 November 2014

Stages of cognitive development

Long discussions online have demonstrated to me how it is possible for otherwise intelligent and educated people to be led by liars. The answer was simple. There are stages of cognitive development, and they have not reached the one required to think for themselves clearly, and the killer is they don't even believe such a state of mind exists where the person is immune to most forms of control and programming. When they see an advert claiming CO2 will kill us all, or eating McDonalds will make you more popular or whatever other crap they produce to persuade us to do as they want, they are moulded as Bernays and Goebbels designed it and therefore cannot think for themselves when someone else takes over their mind. This programming is designed to be totally subliminal, the trick being they either think they have worked these things out for themselves, or trust the authority figure totally who tells them. That's why toothpaste ads have men in white coats, and the problem here is when two different ads with men in white coats disagree with each other. Then they use the weight issue. No, not obesity, but numbers.

Consensus had to be invented to support poor or dishonest science when too many white coats disagreed so the sheep had to have a reason to pick the good guys over the bad (as in the message they wanted) so pointed out how many agreed so the others must be wrong. This isn't even a valid argument as if 97% of doctors say you have a fever yet you feel normal and the thermometer says you don't then it's irrelevant what other people say, in some cases you can take the material and simply work it out for yourself, and if not the knowledge you do have will resonate with what the three honest doctors tell you rather than the liars working together in what the law calls 'a conspiracy'. Believing conspiracies aren't possible is the second layer of defence used in crookery, so they mock every individual who claims it is happening, not because of the actual evidence, but because scientists or anyone else involved aren't capable of being in a conspiracy. Except bankers maybe. Or top police. But never, ever scientists.

This explains totally how apparently clever people constantly work to dismiss errors and support the global warming as their minds are simply not capable of working anything out themselves where they accept the view totally from authority. Nothing they perceive will have an effect, as even colder winters and falling temperatures will be explained with faux science, and as many are scientifically qualified and familiar with the phenomena and equations, don't take the time to apply them themselves to check (they often can't, it's one thing to learn equations, a whole other to use them in complex systems), and just use them to prove they can do exactly the opposite for what they actually do.

So basically those generally immune to mind control cannot help those who are not, as they are immature mentally and although we all have the potential to wake up and shake off the power of others, it is almost impossible for anyone outside to do it for them, and even harder for them to work it out themselves. The only current guarantee is when one of their heroes lets them down and is caught or admits cheating. A few diehards at a level even lower will accept cheating spouses and worse over and over again, but not in numbers to count. Nearly everyone else will suddenly see the light and want to deal with the scientific community or whatever who made them idiots and cost them a fortune for all that time. The same goes for pyramid and Ponzi schemes, and any other example where a few lone voices present almost perfect evidence a group are collectively cheating and the authorities and others alike ignore and mock them, until years later (Libor took over ten years, Bernie Madoff was investigated a few times before they were finally busted almost by chance) they are busted.

Then most ex-sheep will claim 'Ah, we had our suspicions for ages, we just weren't sure' etc, which they totally didn't or they wouldn't have kept their money in the bogus investments, or called people murderers for 'denying climate change', but in fact many are not even consciously lying, as the result was so obvious after the event they convinced themselves they must have seen it as it is so clear to them now.

Just as it is to us before they do.

But until then they see those whose minds operate at a logarithmic level above them, like a Richter scale, as an impossible power, so dismiss it exists at all. To those in three dimensions four dimensions cannot exist, or those in two for three. Therefore as their minds are currently restricted by smallness, they assume all minds are. So they assume everyone else are liars, as they have no concept of having a free and independent mind. You can't fix this as it's part of human development, but at least you can be aware of it. Sometimes you can describe a problem very well but not provide a solution. I have read intense personal contact can win souls over one at a time, but is far too time and labour intensive to have more than nominal effects. It's a bit like counselling, you can't help an addict or troublemaker until they realise they need it. Till then they will swear their wives made them hit them, or they can spend a day drinking or stop smoking if they wanted to, and everyone has to sit back and watch them destroy themselves and those around them. This is the same position with all believers in what others tell them or those who refuse to accept what others think when they disagree with them, and they are lost to the world until they may reach the point where they lose more from their beliefs than others do. But we can't do a thing to make it happen. That's life apparently unless someone can find another way.

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