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Eugenics, the root of the UN

Once you follow threads they always lead you to the source, and today's applications of UN Agenda 21 lead all back to one person, Julian Huxley, the brother of Aldous, who was the original head of Unesco in 1946. Now just imagine how someone can hold certain views, prevalent within their narrow elite of academics and aristocrats, and they are so determined to carry them out they are prepared to wait generations to gradually impose their views until one day they wake up and the world is exactly as they wished. We are already more than half way there.

Global warming was never thought of either in 1946 or previously, when Huxley and his eugenics society, the elite group who wanted to breed lower elements out of society in any ways they could, and that arrived as the key to open the new world order (who said that, Henry Kissinger I think) as otherwise you can't impose such severe restrictions for no reasons without a revolution, but they have the useful idiots eating the crap out of their hands by regularly marching in the street for higher carbon taxes. The formula works, and always worked since pre-history.

There were various methods on the spectrum to reduce the population and breed out as many 'useless eaters' (ie anyone not like them) as possible, Huxley was at the softer end who did not believe in enforced sterilisation and contraception or worse still genocide, but he still wanted to selectively breed humans to reduce the heavy bottom of the masses. But from his original speeches as head of Unesco in 1946 he despaired the fact he believed the UN simply didn't have the required power for one world government, politics and culture. But they do now.

Thomas Malthus was probably the eugenicist's hero, the philosopher who calculated the resources could not keep up with the rise in population, and the Eugenics Society were the organisation devoted to methods to deal with this problem. I was asked how long does this view go back, and logically the actual results these views propose would really be the Green Dream of returning to the simple lives before the industrial revolution, where the two major features of government were feudalism and slavery, so one could say they simply want to return selectively to these times, while keeping all the benefits of modern life for themselves with everyone else working to create the benefits for them.

Details of Unesco speeches

"the purpose of UNESCO, which is to mentally prepare the world for global political unification under a single world government."

"First, that the more united man’s tradition becomes, the more rapid will be the possibility of progress: several separate or competing or even mutually hostile pools of tradition cannot possibly be so efficient as a single pool common to all mankind. And secondly, that the best and only certain way of securing this will be through political unification. "

Therefore you can clearly see from day one the warm and fuzzy aims people think the UN was created for, to look after the countries of the world who could not look after themselves and raise the developing world up to the level of the developed was the window dressing, just like they push reducing industry and energy use to stop imaginary global warming, they created the parental organisation to be the mother and father of the orphans of the world, they were simply an organisation designed to create a single government where no country would have the power to govern itself, and with the current policies of multiculturalism and diversity, to merge every culture (and presumably race eventually) till there was only one remaining which was a mixture of them all. Then the strange actions of governments across the west start to make sense, inviting millions of Muslims from non-EU and countries with no previous rights to immigrate into Europe, including non EU Norway, and then allow the extreme types to take over entire towns and run them under their own rules as far as the police and local people allow them to, from Tower Hamlets and Birmingham to Stockholm and Oslo. The overall promotion of multiculturalism is all based on organised Agenda 21 plans, adopted across Britain since 2000 in every single council and applied by their own volunteer change agents, and meaning the same environmental and cultural policies are applied in every council regardless of which parties were actually elected. All they can do is delay or reduce the extent of the 20mph zones, high rise flats and closed roads but never stop their progress.

So when you look back to the roots in 1946, when Julian Huxley clearly stated his plans for the UN, which were later written into law (it may be voluntary to accept but compulsory once accepted) it is pretty clear that these plans were always the primary aim of the UN, and everything coming from such roots will be branches and flowers of means to bring about the plans for a single government and culture, and the similarities in party lines in each democratic country since the late 20th century, with the arrival of 'New Labour' (ie a combination of left wing and right wing policies from all parties which then coincidentally continued after they were replaced by the coalition) show the one world politics is already more than half way done. The rise of the non-traditional parties as a reaction in Europe is now under way as an inevitable consequence, but even with the PR system of Europe none currently hold more than 20% of the vote so are not yet an actual force against the system.

Hopefully now it is virtually impossible to deny the single thread running from the world policies of today- Keynesian economics- massive government borrowing, quantitative easing and low interest rates, bank deregulation, green policies, forced multiculturalism, high density housing, reductions in personal transport, energy and travel taxes, rules outlawing offensive speech (which causes no harm and can cover whatever they choose it to), you can trace them all back to the wider policies building up since before the UN within the Eugenics Society and others like them, which crystallised into a world political organisation and spread its tentacles across it with legal power and is seen in its results wherever you look.

Do we want this now we've seen what the world government, with a world carbon tax and currency to follow if they get their ways, looks like, or regardless of whether or not you still believe them over global warming would you rather have your freedoms back and take your chances that man cannot change the climate in either direction and we will adapt to any actual changes as we have since the beginning of history?

I will add in here as well, and now have discovered he was behind the World Wildlife Fund in 1961, along with Prince Philip.

This means that the same agenda, person and philosophy spreads its tentacles from many angles, governments, charities, think tanks, you name it, all appearing to be different but in fact different faces of the same thing.

I will continue from Julian Huxley's move from the Eugenics Society in 1946 to Unesco, to WWF in 1961. Of course if his views are known, and back then they were far more open, as they both believed in what they stood for and were proud to share it with everyone as it was their gospel. Then of course along came the internet, and such views became hidden in laws obscured by new wording under the veil of 'sustainability', ie sustaining a population the planet can support, around 1 billion.

WWF official statement

Obviously Julian Huxley did not become a different person when leaving the Eugenics Society to run Unesco, far from it, as he claimed although he personally did not believe in the extreme end of the eugenicists in managed depopulation (genocide) he did believe in a single world government and subsumation of local and national cultures to a single one for the entire world. So he didn't become someone else when founding WWF, it simply used a hook to appeal to another area of humanity, the animal lovers, to make the planet better for the animals, at the expense of people. But such sacrifices must be better as the animals can't choose if their habitat is being cleared for farming and building, so we must put them first. Of course this then opened the door to Agenda 21 policies of land clearance and moving people out of the countryside into the multiple occupation units of the city. As China has no personal liberties they were able to carry this out directly, by simply forcing people out of the countryside and making them move to more and more overcrowded cities. They can't do much about it, China has been the same for generations and they have to do as they are ordered.

The west simply used more subtle methods, firstly by flooding the country with new immigrants who all needed housing, and then the building companies or councils bought up houses and replaced them with flats, carrying out the compulsory Agenda 21 rules to make cities sustainable through reduction of transport costs, making people live in flats to save resources, they claimed. The using political correctness accuse anyone who objects as being racist, even though the current majority of new immigrants are European and not a different race. But they use it anyway.

In that case, back to WWF, they are fundraisers for animal conservation, so why are they now running biofuel clearances to save the planet from global warming? WWF now into biofuel
"By improving the way global commodities such as palm oil, soy and sugarcane used for biofuels are produced, we can reduce our global environmental footprint and significantly drive up markets that offer responsible products, goods and services."
So basically they have (like Greenpeace and the RSPB) diverted from their original aims to fighting global warming through any means they can, including burning food.

 From Bilderberg 2014

QUOTE: "Our main historic enemy to the implementation of our plan was obviously the national states. Globalization, globalization, European institutions, mass immigration were so many tools that we have used with great success for 30 years and now national identities and feelings of belonging were significantly reduced, as patriotic feelings. Money and ownership have become the core values of many. The politicization of the masses has been significantly reduced, nations as we hoped, become fragile and can now be destabilized from within." 

Bilderberg leak

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