Saturday, 8 November 2014

Mind programming

There are some very unusual phenomena going on which have become the most apparent in the 21st century. Groupthink, where you can replace anyone in a conversation with anyone else and not notice, simply should not happen outside a tightly controlled exclusive cult, where, like a small family growing up in a remote area, people are only exposed to the same material day after day till they think there are no other ways of being.

From the liberal left, global warming supporters and extreme religious fanatics, they use the same sort of fixed mindsets and stock phrases and responses only expected from a physical program. This would either be a computer virus which hijacks minds so makes diverse people into unthinking drones, applying their personalities to deliver a standardised message which they have barely even thought of but can quote and defend directly. Now I literally have no clue who the Koch brothers are and do not wish to as they are only a meme from the ether, but the times people quote them and big oil for apparently persuading me global warming isn't really happening is uncanny. Why would people all unanimously make up utter nonsense when global warming science is free to read and available to all, and simply does not need anyone secondary to present it as it really isn't so complicated it needs a whole lot of simplifying. Just check the basic figures and theories and work it out yourself, I did and I failed O level maths. You don't need to run the equations, only the results.

The second alternative to a physical form of programming would be a resonant harmonic frequency, where whoever is running the show sends out a mass signal which affects all susceptible minds. Being sadly the majority the parrots and sheep repeat the same nonsense over and over again, with no physical reasons or evidence to support it but because someone's told them to believe it and they have taken it all. But the suddenness and total overshadowing of their own minds is more than a normal political or psychological movement, it is a complete rearrangement of their thoughts to comply like clones with the Tony Blairs, Gordon Browns and Nick Cleggs of the world who have learnt their trade and managed to basically hypnotise millions of people in each country their like operates to make them think the way they want them to,

Can we really believe that most people in London welcome not just the massive crowds, road and transport congestion, foreign languages and lack of communication, educational chaos, little foreign communities within their own areas excluding anyone who does not speak their language and wear their uniform, and worst of all those extreme Islamic fanatics who are taking over Birmingham and East London telling people what to do illegally based on Sharia law? I am in the middle of it myself, and people pretty well are polarised between the natural reaction the areas many have lived in all their lives is not recognisable any more, besides the surface appearance, and those who say it's wonderful and like the dire David Aaronovitch said in Thursday's Times (6/11/2014) anyone who opposes mass immigration is simply using the practical aspects as a cover for racism. They always have to demonise those immune to the wavelengths like me and many like me, but we will and must win, as the entire mind control system is making people into robots as a free army to defend their diabolical policies.

Who really wants a cold house, food and energy rationing, and travel restrictions? Yet people regularly demonstrate around the world for higher carbon taxes as they are so scared of something based on what is only a little warming. Which can't even happen for almost 100 years so they could never know anyway. To me, as a qualified therapist, this is delusional. They know global warming could never even begin to cross a threshold set by the UN before at least 2050 at the worst case scenario, and possibly by 2100 otherwise, yet they treat it as a genuine threat even though the actual temperature rise is a quarter required at 0.05C a decade and slowing. No fact of figure can get through their shells, and they are lost until maybe they wake up on their own.

In the end, like with any hypnosis, the benefits will stick and otherwise any means to ends will wear off. The power being used here is infinitely stronger than therapeutic hypnosis, but the minds affected are all the same, and cannot be moulded permanently into dribbling idiots without some form of surgery. Every day someone somewhere wakes up and thinks "The weather outside is exactly the same now as it was ten, twenty and thirty years ago, how could anyone have thought it could really be changing?" and they're back. Or one of the cheerleaders for multiculturalism can't get on the train as it's full with mainly immigrants and they miss an appointment. It could be any small thing, like the snap of the fingers in hypnosis, that does it, but unlike the groupspeak it's something that affects them directly, proving everything they believed and preached was a lie.

There's nothing like a convert for support, and those scientists like Lennart Bengtsson or James Lovelock who used their technical knowledge to actually not trust their peers but check them and found them to be totally wrong. If so many can do it and confirm my own measurements then why could they all get it wrong? They are either retired, self employed or like a few actually lost their jobs when they spoke out, and that pretty much says it all. The consensus (ie mind controlled groupthink) of a thousand scientists working for government and private organisations is worth nothing compared to the views of a handful of equally qualified independents who have no reason to say what they've been told to. Like the few Muslim extremists who saw the light and now educate others how to deal with it, or the lifetime criminal who was reformed, they are the best teachers, like so many drug clinics are staffed by recovered addicts.

If you imagine a cloud generated by the group who set the agendas, and is then released into the atmosphere and knocks out the susceptible majority who then become programmed robots spreading the word of global warming, multiculturalism, feminism, extremist Islam, whatever, then presumably something can become an antidote. It either blocks the mind through its action (frequency), in which case it can just lift, or changes it in which case something else is required. Either way that mind is taken over by a meme, and as a result they will defend their belief till the end, even though they don't understand it or have a clue why they are even saying or thinking it, especially the global warming brigade who are none of them qualified so have no means to defend it anyway. Those unaffected can easily point out their errors just as a three year old can sort a row of animals into the tallest, but they can't explain radiative forcing. The scientists can and the majority of the consensus who thrive from it know it's being misapplied and used to obscure things.

In the end I believe everyone must wake up, as our mind belong to us, and you can't simply rearrange how someone thinks through external persuasion or any other means for that long. I have no idea how long it may take or what could speed up the process, but simply being aware of it is the first step.

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