Tuesday, 5 August 2014

"I can't believe it's possible!"

Going through a few online conversations recently it's become clear there are two sets of people. Those who are aware of what is actually happening, and the rest, for personal reasons, prefer to believe it's how it's presented to be, or how they'd rather it was. As well as the phenomena I've mentioned previously, where for example despite genetic and other clear evidence no one is able to become more intelligent than how they were born, only to bring it out or repress it, the other part is believing the lies from politicians and the media, and the general situations where they would even want to lie to us at all.

Therefore there's the sheep's chorus of baas that question why so many scientists would get together and lie about global warming, like why a woman would marry a 90 year old multi-millionaire. It's not intelligence, academic anyway, as the worst offendors on earth are academics, but a matter of maturity. Once you've taken the blue pill, maybe a newspaper has lied about you or someone you know, or you have suffered from being cheated by a politician, and suddenly realised they are not just working for themselves and not you (despite being paid and elected by the people in the case of politicians), they are often directly working against you, as with UN Agenda 21. The amount of evidence is never certain to wake an individual up, but it is certain the source is the most vital part of the awakening. The BBC appear to have top status here, followed by political and academic leaders. So to use today's example, although there are numerous reports and films of Hamas rounding up people and forcing them to stand on houses during known air raids, until the BBC report it those who support the Palestinian side will never accept it. It's happened for years, we've got it both on film and in numerous interviews, but they blank it out from their awareness and stick with their own personal version of reality. Some can't believe anyone would force their own people to be killed for world sympathy and approval, although nothing that is possible has not taken place in humanity since the dawn of history. But the Utopian view, that we are all not just equal as living beings, but as actual individuals in potential, and it is only the fault of society it is not reflected in reality is based on sheer immaturity and not just bad for them but bad for everyone who is affected by policies which try and test the theory which is destined from the start to lose and fail.

Believe what you like, but the Hamas human shields pretty well demonstrates this entire phenomenon as both an example and one which can be extended as a precedent to represent the way people block out everything which does not correspond to their own view of the world. It is not evidence based but authority based, and also relies on a great effort to keep all information able to remove the imaginary beliefs of the masses as hard to reach as possible, so with the internet making total repression impossible, those who do find it and share it are simply dismissed as the enemy. Until we become aware of this failing in human minds and work to correct it, quite probably only via a direct media process as ultimately only the media are able to provide sufficient information with the supporting authority for them to take notice. So the existence of evidence, proof even, is not seen by their brains, but filtered out unless it slips in maybe by coming across it by accident without the preparation to raise the defences, or the formal methods of exposure by official means.

However it happens as long as this phenomenon of extreme human weakness remains, something which should not be possible with the sources from the internet, we will be ruled based on their illusions being perpetrated and exploited by those who fully know the truth but know most people won't see it if it slaps them in the face. Therefore we have two sets of qualities, like a cross. The vertical line is pass/fail and the horizontal is ethical or not. That means when people are fully aware of the truth, and unhindered by illusion, if they are in the negative quarter of ethics, they will use their knowledge of the truth to exploit those without it, as they are mature but not decent. In fact it is that quarter who have been responsible for setting up the situation we now have, Keynesian economics, low interest rates, energy taxes etc, as they know they can justify all this and more to the great majority in the bottom corner who have not woken up. I believe the majority of people have ethics, but the power wielded by those without them working together as a whole (eg the Bilderberg Group and Club of Rome) make as sure as they can the awoken minority who do have ethics are silenced and ridiculed so they have the minimum amount of influence.

Truth has its own momentum, and will rise from the depths eventually as there's nothing else in existence, but these are the mechanisms that keep it pushed down with all the might of the cabal and their useful idiots. Until we have a mass awakening the mass will keep themselves down in the dirt, along with the awakened minority, as we simply don't have the means alone to beat the system as things stand. It is not a hopeless situation, as knowledge is power, and every single person who wakes up will reduce the percentage of the heavy weight holding us at the bottom of the water, but it gets lighter with every soul won back.

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