Tuesday, 5 August 2014

False values

I will apologise for any overlaps in material, this is because the hijacking of free society is based on the same principles, and as a result the same themes will crop up over and over again. And this also means the more familiar you become with the material the more natural it will become to know.

False values, the invention of imaginary virtues by those of extreme political ideologies, who have their own twisted misanthropic view of society, and want to impose the list of changes and restrictions on it in their misguided means to correct its wrongs, although none of them actually exist. The list is part of most western government policies, which make it so important to point out and dismantle, although of course false values are not restricted to the left, theirs are the only ones most people take seriously as they are dressed up in nice words like 'fairness' and 'equality' although the means required to bring these about are anything but fair or equal.

Retraining is a major Soviet-style clue, where if anyone is either guilty of using the wrong words or even prior to employment, where the values are deemed so important all employees are obliged to learn the rules by rote, and if they are not able to repeat them word perfect during their interviews will never get a chance at the job. I think by now if you read this you'll know the basics, diversity, multiculturality, equality and environmentalism. I am on a photo site where people regularly travel hundreds of miles, yet there is a huge anti-car movement there despite the majority of the members (especially some who are the most vocal) using them to get to everywhere themselves. Oh, and hypocrisy of course being the result in almost every example.

Having heard the news last night a university researcher deemed Gardener's Question Time as racist (don't even try and work it out, the guy was deranged, but proves how dangerous this nonsense is), there are literally no limits to enforcing said fake virtues. The only other major area enforcing such poppycock of course is religion, but they in the main do not wish to enforce it on others, only as a choice for themselves and their families except for the extremists who do not represent the whole. And if you look at most of them they are actually not false at all, love thy neighbour, turn the other cheek etc, so another reason why the major views of most religions are quite valid. The secondary rules can be crazy, but those are not for others to worry about and only a personal responsibility. Only the fear of sex is unhealthy and false, and has alone managed to destroy the general sanity and quality of life in countries where it is the underlying philosophy even amongst the secular as the power is so strong.

I have analysed some of the worst offendors already here, so will use this to present a general illusion created by those responsible that totalitarianism is freedom. You definitely are not free if you have to negotiate humps, road closures and pay additional charges to drive. They do not save pedestrians or anyone else, as pedestrians will get run over if they or the drivers are careless, not forced to drive at walking pace while manoeuvering round posts placed in the middle of the road. People do die from the emergency services being slowed down by them, but who cares about that as long as children are only run over at 20mph rather than 30. Sounds mad? That's because it is mad. Physical and mental equality is impossible, while financial equality is only possible by taking money from people who have earned it legally and giving it to those with less until they are, well, equal. Forget the fact that no one has the authority to decide how much is too much and then take it away (no, not even politicians, the consent is an illusion as well or revolutions and elections would not exist to change the tyrants for new ones), in this world the only people with authority have qualified to do so, meaning rather than slicing someone open and removing a kidney and ending up with a ten year stretch for grievous bodily harm you do it as you are a surgeon, and you spray poison in a house because you are a trained pest controller. No council worker on the planet or unelected academic such as the knob-end who deemed a radio programme about gardening to be racist has the authority to tell anyone else what to say or think, but the society values their status so much it allows them to by consent, a false one as they are persuaded to believe these are all for the best reasons, but in fact their gullibility is being exploited.

Information is the only way to beat this creeping takeover. Understand the real meaning of the plans and label them the enemy. The wolf in sheep's clothing is thousands of years old as a concept, yet operated no differently today than it was in biblical times. Don't take notice of how these plans are presented, just look at the plans. If a bright child from a good school with top marks is overlooked for another poor one then it is wrong. If parents can give their child a house but if it is donated after death the government take 40%. That is wrong. White candidates are blocked from applying for police jobs as there are already enough white people at the moment. That is wrong.

Use your discretion. If something ends up being nasty, then whatever the reason they tell you they are doing it, the actual reason has to be nasty. Judge the tree by its fruit, again known from the bible but overlooked by enough people to let this ghastly tide of filth overwhelm us in the 21st century. It is filth because it stops talented people from fulfilling their potential. That white man not given a job by the BBC or police may lose their best chance for a career path. That rich kid who doesn't get to Oxford or Cambridge as they used up their public school quota may have missed the chance to become a top professor. Every single person attacked by the left to help one of their supposedly disadvantaged others loses out. Make no mistake from this. And the woman in her 70s who used a bad racial word from her childhood, when it wasn't bad, in a WRVS meeting or the like last week and was sent on a diversity course had no malice and no gain from wasting her time (and apparent cost of miles of travelling) on learning which words are verboten in the 2010s and why you can't call women dear.

Look at the losers, not the winners. Society as a whole loses as well, as it is working with the brakes on, when driving literally so. Cars and fossil fuel have allowed both freedom and civilisation everywhere, and without them you couldn't read this, visit some of your friends and family, or possibly even have a job. Those wishing to take away those gains and benefits are no different to the burglars who creep in a window at night and steal your possessions and rape your wife and daughter.

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