Saturday, 2 August 2014

Global warming agenda, it's that simple

If you learn the full details of Agenda 21 and its history (I have just made a programme about it, so spent years researching), it is based on looking after the planet above its people. They basically believe man is a cancer on the planet, with that view you can imagine everything that follows. By inventing reasons to commit what can only be described as atrocities in the name of protecting mankind from a threat they will get away with almost anything and everything as people fear the alternative (which doesn't exist) even more. As long as that continues the restrictions will increase and increase, until and unless people wake up.

By shutting coal power stations and replacing them with what they call renewables, which simply waste resources for show, they reduce the generating capacity gradually till it falls below the required amount (see the Stern Report which explained it was inevitable). People are so scared of global warming in 2100 (shame on them for being so taken in by what should obviously be a scam, but people are generally weak), they will put up with anything claimed to stop it, and actually demonstrate in the street as they say governments aren't doing enough. Then their power goes off, and when it's on many can't afford it so become ill and may die from the cold anyway.
Look up 'managed depopulation' and you will see a long list of more examples. Once people realise their governments (except now Australia) are working together against them there will be a worldwide revolution.

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