Friday, 15 August 2014

Breaking the shortage mentality

Normally I leave other people to write on areas already well covered, but this is so important it fits into the revolution at centre stage, so needs to be highlighted, explained and undone otherwise wealthy people (for time as well as resources) will always think they are poor. There are two connected false concepts behind this mentality, which is also the ideology behind socialism and the work ethic, one is that there isn't enough to go round, so we either fight for it (right wing) or dole it out equally (left wing). Neither are correct, as in fact what actually happens is there's always enough but those in charge keep it back. The EU Common Agricultural Policy burns and buries food, oil companies keep oil in storage waiting for the price to rise, as they create a shortage to do so, and the Russians close the wheat market to make a killing. Despite the fact we all know this happens we allow the equivalent of war crimes (as technically they are acting like any other enemy) because we are so damn diverted by crap they throw up in our faces like political correctness and foreign wars which are nothing to do with anyone else we quietly accept the atrocities which affect us all directly. The third world is not poor due to lack of resources, quite the opposite as they supply more than anywhere else, but because similar policies to our own are carried out fully as none of them are democracies. No one (even in a drought) needs to starve, their governments allow it.

The second error I constantly repeat is the single cake economic model. Growth is overlooked, and rather than allowed through the free market (ie no manipulation allowed as described above), any excess profits are cut and returned to the state, even in relatively right wing regimes. That is only a matter of degree. Any chance the people could become self sufficient in a single area, whether by cheap or free energy or growing their own food, and worse still giving away the excess, are cracked down on by the authorities, official or otherwise, so inventions offering energy from water or magnets which never runs out were removed from the market every time someone else discovers it, which as within all matter is discovered by chance on a regular basis. I know there isn't a single example of proof, but having read the similar stories of why I'd personally see the constant stream of similar stories pointing to common sources which are regularly removed from our field of knowledge, especially where the US patent office requires all motors exceeding 80% efficiency being taken off the public system.

Extending from Buckminster Fuller's ideas, breaking people's illusions about the economy and entire way of life would be far easier to carry out if people realised there is at least, and probably more than enough for all of us, but is held back for profit. Not the fair sort from providing a service, but artificially stretching the margin by cheating. It's a fairly simple concept, and a fairly simple solution, so have probably covered everything I need here.

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