Monday, 16 December 2013

Predict nothing and trust nothing predicted

Since Genesis man has been looking ahead, and often not just claimed to know what would happen in the future, but many with exact dates. One (or probably two) things all have had in common, I certainly can't think of an exception, none have ever happened outside a linear or planned system. The nature of life is guaranteed to be chaotic, so unless someone goes to work and comes home regularly or a planet circles the sun, outside such systems nothing else is meant to be seen coming or should be. The second element in common is not a single person giving such predictions are to be trusted. Either they are qualified, so know they are lying as this is around week one of science, philosophy and logic, or nutjobs. Either way they are as worthy of being relied on as the biblical wolf in sheep's clothing or the great liar Satan themselves, who hides his lies in a truth sandwich and bullets in good deeds.

The nature of the prediction is irrelevant. Do you really think the wackos who predicted the arrival of Planet X in 2003, Harold Camping who predicted the end of the world twice within one year, the Met Office who get every season wrong which is actually far more statistically significant than getting half right like tossing a coin (warm v hot, wet v dry, six months ahead, pretty pointless even bothering really as no one could or needed to rely on it), and UN climate predictions over a century ahead.

They are all equal bullshit, and the messengers equal bullshitters. If you read a little science the trumpet-shaped cone going into the future becomes so wide a few days ahead it clearly states trying to see any outcome beyond is like dropping a match in the sea and dropping a helicopter the next day to find it based on a computer model using all the currents. Yes, they claim they can do it, but only because most people believe them, even though what they are attempting to do is impossible and always will be, as whatever technology will probably manage, levitation, translocation,free energy, all theoretically possible, it can and will never be able to bend time enough to see what is ahead as it has not happened yet.

Therefore if you see a prediction, treat it as a pile of dog mess on the pavement and walk around it, its nature is just the same as is its producer, a dirty dog.

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