Thursday, 19 December 2013

Divide and rule

Machiavelli, Goebbels, Bernays, all the great leaders of men who could manipulate minds and hearts, Sun Myung Moon, L. Ron Hubbard, they all used the same methods which isolate individuals from the good influences of friends and family, leave them alone and offer to replace them.

Up till teenage the influence of the parents dominates the lives of children. Until a certain age most believe their parents know everything, and become shocked when they discover the first question they could not answer. Gradually children become more self sufficient, but the family normally always exerts the most influence, especially in politics and religion which tend to be as much from the environment they grew up with than making their individual minds up.

So, as the Jesuits (who I now hear are on board this current campaign as well) say, start them young and own them. Basically. The national school curriculum has global warming on it, and teachers who have added the doubts have at least on one occasion been reported and threatened with the sack for not sticking to the message. I imagine holocaust denial would get much less of a reaction from the authorities as trying to derail the greatest ever campaign to own an entire generation's minds.

The first element of the simple version for schools is the carbon footprint. Despite only producing a few percent of the total, they simply measure the meagre amount man releases and tell the poor innocent children who trust every single word the teachers tell them (like Jews are pigs and dogs in Arab schools, what chance do they ever stand?) everyone must reduce their carbon footprints. But they can't as they aren't in charge of the household activities, so they must tell their parents to. No different from a vicious wife lying about her ex husband to stop the children wanting to see him, the authorities are getting the children to rat on their own parents for something which is directly related to their own welfare. Any parents who then turn down the heating and go on fewer holidays, as no doubt many will, are threatening their children's health at home and spoiling the quality of their lives by following the classic Soviet move of restricting travel. This is no different to any cult or tyrannical regime. Even if global warming was real (we'll never know so forget about it, we'll all be long gone before the definitive answer emerges) is it ever justified to set children against their parents as the dangerous enemy to save any consequences? I would say using basic morals not.

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