Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hoaxes, proof how easy it is

Yesterday a TV station interviewed random people in the street about a non-existent news story they invented, and filmed them accepting every single word without question. I'm sure with a representative sample a varying degree of plausible and less plausible stories could be invented, and then record the number of people who wouldn't believe them. It's gone on from day one, the South Sea Bubble, War of the Worlds, even the April fool story about the spaghetti tree. The thing they all had in common was most people blindly accepted them all, and the government and business know this. Most people are either too dim or programmed to accept what they are told by the media and governments, or too busy to care.

Having demonstrated the phenomenon, which is hardly a surprise to anyone, why not exploit it for money, power and worse knowing the few not drunk at the party can never communicate to the others, only the publican can tell them there was no alcohol in the drink and they are really sober, and they never do. Right now two banks have just been fined for collusion in interest rate fixing for many years in the Libor scandal. Fraud, obtaining financial benefit by deception, is a serious crime and they are known to have gained millions- I don't even know if the fine was smaller, in which case they even profited from their crime. Except it was not a crime as the government changed the law somehow to excuse them. What's more, as in yesterday's lesson, who gets that fine? Not the people who lost it, or you and me either. It goes the same way as all taxes, into a black hole and never seen or traced again.

Even when there is evidence to the contrary, growing by the year, no one shifts. The evidence will eventually build up until so great it outweighs the illusion, but by then it's usually too late and the money is gone. After 17 years of no global warming, many official sources have now said it may not warm for another 30, but this does not mean it is not warming. That is a level above Martians landing, or fake investments- it is a lie we could just work out given the hard effort put in, but now when the evidence is failing them, they lie again against both the existing new evidence but falsifying the future against the rules of logic. That is literally saying black is white, and not only did the people believe lie one as it was admittedly damn hard to figure it out as such, when they provide lie two to delay the ending of lie one, which breaks every rule of life itself (check out doublethink from 1984, holding two opposing opinions at the same time) no one even thinks to question it.

Forget Boris Johnson's IQ and other's he speaks about, they have proved beyond every possible fail mark the public are far, far stupider than even the toughest estimates have demonstrated. The simple hoax, the formula being a plausible lie plus the authority to accept it- even at a level of 'my wife was killed in South America' by Nasty Nick Bateman in the first Big Brother, plausible as his authority was he was a family member, and there is never a sensible reason people should make these sort of things up, to anything the media publish or politicians claim. This is known since biblical times and is described as the lies of Satan, but when the shine comes off the original story (as it never existed it must eventually), adding a new coat of paint on top which is beyond plausible, and the sheep still flock in acceptance the people are so stupid they deserve every treatment they get. But not the minority of innocent victims who saw through it all the time, and were summarily dismissed by the sheep and called murderers on top.

Like the Germans who passively accepted the concentration camps, the willing slaves are as guilty as the masters who programme them. Unless and until the masses can realise the authorities want to destroy our lives, or more accurately, don't care if they destroy our lives in getting what they want, our lives will be destroyed further and further, and each new story will arise as the old one runs out of steam and be just as plausible and accepted as the last. Ad infinitum. Latest example

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