Friday, 20 December 2013

How the process developed

It occurred to me it may be useful to describe the process I went through to discover all the information I now share here, also as it may help others follow a similar route and work out many events they have seen can all be connected and put together as a big picture.

I began as a student at school, studying sociology, civics, all the areas politics are involved, as well as being a great supporter of Tory policies except a total antipathy to the then Common Market, which I saw as a simple attempt at building an empire gradually, which is exactly what happened since then and continues inexorably into the future. The number of left wingers who basically claimed comfortable middle class people had no right to their privileges, and would campaign all they could to get them taken away, as if there was only so much and if some had more than others it was taking it away from everyone else. Many also claimed intelligence was not something you were born with, but was available to everyone as if each person was born to a society where they could amass IQ points just the way they amassed wealth in a free society (but not the one they wanted). I had never had my basic foundations of life challenged before, and being 16 was as undiplomatic and unsubtle as it was possible to be, including my opinions on racial differences right out in class in front of everyone. I was not embarrassed about my views so why would I hide them? (see a pattern forming here?).

Gradually of course I grew up and moderated my presentation, although the actual material was not any more than my personal observations. A law degree followed, where I learned the rules of legal process and evidence, law making and criminology. I saw how each study claimed it knew it all in the theoretical side, but in fact most provided one accurate (except for the far left ones attacking free society through ideology) piece of the whole picture, and when I did my marks doubled. Then I studied counselling and psychotherapy, and went out and became part of the real world. I shifted into the supernatural interests which was my pursuit of pleasure, but never happy with infringements on our freedom from what was then the EU and the injustices from vastly rising house prices and the effects of large scale immigration on limited resources.

I was not particularly focused on politics though, just aware of the worst elements but managing regardless, getting on with my own life and business and allowing others to do the same thing. If no one's hurting me why should I be concerned with their actions? I think the turning point came when I learnt about global warming around the 90s, and all it was to me was an interesting disaster theory claiming the temperature and consequently sea level would rise and turn the planet into a totally different place. I wasn't scared, more fascinated, although till then every single similar claim by professionals and amateurs alike never happened. Not once, ever. But the formula seemed basic and could be watched from time to time to see how it was getting on. No more than that. A few years passed and back then they only published the high end guesses, yards of sea level and a good few degrees of centigrade rise. But then nothing seemed to happen. That CO2 kept on rising, but the climate trends seemed to be levelling off. By then I had the internet and started looking up data myself to see why the difference between the claims and the results were so wide.

What I discovered kicked off my legal mind, and started building a case, like my barrister parents, with everything on each side and then comparing them for a verdict, ie judge, jury and both counsels. It didn't actually take me very long to complete the mission, as a judge who kicks out a case through lack of evidence, the jury have no need to assess it as there is not enough evidence to consider to gain a guilty verdict, ie mankind is guilty, after a full and fair trial, beyond reasonable doubt. But since then my natural response was to tell as many people I could what I'd discovered, as the taxes and restrictions across the developed world were destroying the economy for absolutely no reason. Looking for more evidence to convince (it still doesn't, except long term face to face work on an individual basis) I then discovered the interconnected plans and network creating this illusion, basically to create the taxes and restrictions no one would accept otherwise.

I then completed the circle, as the very destroyers I came across in the 70s, the anti-Semitic (sorry, anti Israel), envious, nihilistic babies were now the very people working for the creators of global warming in the name of rebuilding western society. Until global warming was invented their views were on the fringe and as I did so much earlier were universally rejected and condemned by ordinary people. Now their wishes are mainstream and even though the followers genuinely believe in this as they are not scientifically qualified, the leaders are and know perfectly well CO2 is almost totally unable to raise the temperature by more than a degree or so as it reduces its power with volume, eventually reverting to null, ie no longer able to cause any additional warming. I was not fighting the global warming scam, but a scam to allow the very people who wanted to destroy everything I valued in society and replace it with a Maoist-Stalinist collective slavery worldwide.

I then learnt the methods and philosophies behind them, saw how each organisation worked together and how they kept out the public, and completed the entire picture from their leader, David Rockefeller, downwards, and admitting exactly what they were doing online and in print on numerous occasions removed any doubts that was what they were doing by admission rather than implication. I learnt the tricks they used to con people, the ones described in full by Goebbels who created the modern methods of propaganda, and divide and rule. Now whenever a politician speaks I know if they're with us or against us, as you simply can't speak a foreign language (Carbonspeak) without being foreign. No one else uses such terms as 'carbon footprint', 'clean energy', 'sustainability' etc, as they don't mean anything really, so why would anyone normal use a term which was only created to manipulate the weak minded? Then finally after sharing my findings for years online, with a small band of followers, 95% of whom had worked this out already and just had help with some details, Russell Brand's call for a revolution and Anthony Davis's appeal to London on LBC Radio what would we do for one, I decided to put every single thing I'd learnt down in one place and use pyramid marketing to spread it. That is where a pyramid scheme works, as if you tell someone a piece of information you are doubling it, and if each person then tells another it keeps on doubling till enough people know to break the system just by being able to see through it.

Nothing is complicated. Magicians divert your attention and lie to you, but you have paid to see it and know it's an illusion. The same tricks can and are used to steal your money and rights, like the three card trick and mock auctions, and these slimeballs simply do it on an international organised basis, running the world exactly like the Mafia, and applying protection rackets and threats in no more a sophisticated way than in 1920s Chicago. I am telling you as someone who simply observed the tricks and worked out how they were done, and then tried and tested them and read quite a few descriptions from the tricksters themselves to confirm I had indeed seen exactly what they were doing. But being the minority, and with authority being the bluntest weapon they use, the messages are void unless either presented from someone with the same level of authority, or spread in such volume enough people see through the tricks to no longer be fooled by them.

Global warming just represents the worst ever example in human history. No other scandal has ever been on such a scale, and as a single world government and carbon currency is the ultimate aim (all in UN documents and actually printed in The Guardian of all places, considering they support it) it has to be the greatest scandal in history. But take it away and we still have banker's corporate fascism, market manipulation, educational fraud etc which are independent of the entire scam, but these are all very simple old-fashioned skimming and cheating exercises only possible when the governments work for the corporations at the expense of their subjects, much like the current fear in the City of London bankers and brokers the economy is recovering, as they only do really well when it isn't as otherwise they have to work and take risks to earn it just like everyone else. They all buy into global warming as if you're not in you're out of everything, and the system would spit out any company speaking out against it as that is the only voice allowed by virtually every government in the world under UN diktat.

Add to this the old-fashioned leftist restrictions on freedom of speech, attacks on civilised society- the nuclear family, morals, education, pretty much everything which allowed us to become some of the strongest countries in the 20th century, only to lose it a decade or to after. These destroyers want to take away everything from a free society, partly through envy and partly through fear, combined with a failure to mature and still believe the childish Utopian views everything can be fixed the way they think it should be. One thing they all have in common is they can or do not look beneath the surface, so if house prices go up they feel rich. Tell them instead of looking at what they're selling why not look at what they're buying, as like shares their house is not worth anything until they sell it, and unlike shares they need to replace it with another as they can't live in a house of money. Suddenly they discover if the house they may want to buy when they move costs so much they can no longer afford it, and the more their own rises the fewer they can afford as they have gone up more, the secondary level of knowledge becomes apparent to them. Just like claims ice is melting despite the temperature rise not being enough to melt anything.

Scratching and looking beneath the surface of others' claims is the most simple and useful method in disarming the tricksters. They know how to misrepresent, make generalities, and lie under their authority as experts. Professional and intelligent does not mean good, goodness is evenly distributed among every single person, and to throw in an aside as people with Down's Syndrome have a different chromosomal makeup, appears to be almost universal among them whatever their backgrounds. Therefore given a test and a representative sample maybe you could find the good-evil spectrum is mainly genetic, as I have never come across anyone with Down's with a bad bone in them. But otherwise the bell shaped curve of most being in the middle with a few at either extreme applies, and given the power in brains and energy in evilness the combination is deadly. Use that intelligence to lie and cheat, knowing perfectly well the great majority of society aren't as bright as you are and will believe you, especially if you work as a well-oiled team (Mafia), the sky's the limit.

So, my mission and yours as you're reading this is to shine the light of simple testable truths into the mist of confusion all around us. You will be insulted, vilified, and hear names you didn't think people could imagine, but you'll have one edge over everyone else, you are doing the right thing. The key to unlocking everything.

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